Apple Give E3 The Finger, Announce Simultaneous Conference

Not for the first time, Apple have announced a press conference set to run alongside a major gaming event – in this case, it’s clashing directly with Microsoft’s E3 presser.

Apple are set to announce details on iOS and iCloud.  Say what you like about the iPhone, but the way Apple have took the market by storm is unquestionable, and it’s clear they mean business.


Mac OS X Lion is also on the cards, as is (most expect) a refresh to the iPhone 4, presumably using the new A5 processor seen in the iPad 2.

Interesting times.



  1. Meow! Apple going up against Microsoft – I’ll be in the Apple camp I think.

    • +1, mate! :)

    • I’ve been in that camp for the last 15 years, no way would I ever dream of switching ;)

      • I do hear Jobs is quite a gentle lover

      • Or the kind that ‘loves’ you in your sleep without your knowledge.

    • I’ll join the apple camp. Where do I sign up?

      • my macbookpro takes 27 seconds to boot and 3 seconds to shut down. I will never have a pc again. possibly. maybe.

      • Those numbers don’t look that impressive…

    • It’s getting very camp. Ooh, matron!

  2. So people can choose between presentation of Hello Kitty OS or Hello Kitty Kinect game, how nice.


  3. Uh, Apple have run their WWDC show at the beginning of June for longer than E3 has been there.
    In other words, they’re probably more pissed at E3 trying to steal their thunder than the other way round… However, I don’t doubt they’re enjoying the happy times that will ensue when more people get crazily over-hyped by whatever they announce, than MS’ show. :P

    • news team must not listen to the podcast Kris talks about how E3 is early this year

    • I can just feel the Apple love oozing from this comment Tef :P!

      • Haha, maybe a little, but it’s borne out of previous track records. E3 moved forward by two weeks compared to 2010 for 2011, whilst WWDC has been in roughly the same place since 2007.

        Apple announced the WWDC dates in March (I think it was) and have always held their press conference on the first day of their show. MS, Sony and Nintendo announced the D&T of their press conferences in April and early May.

        So if anyone has decided to clash with anyone else, then it’s E3 trying to clash with WWDC, and MS trying to clash with Apple. Which is a bit bonkers all around. It’s hardly like Apple are competing directly with MS in the games market, and their press conference is going to be discussing totally different things…

    • Anyone who thinks that the dates were chosen to overlap with the conference of the other party on purpose is out of his/her mind.

  4. Hopefully they’ll announce a Mac Mini update. I’m holding off buying one as it’s been a while since they were updated.

  5. To be honest, Apple will be talking about hardware and non-gaming software so it’s not that much of a conflict really.

  6. I’m hoping the launch of the Human CentIpad

    • LOL!

      • I can’t even work that one out, but whatever it is, its nasty stuff lol

      • Give Google a look; it’s South Park related, good episode too! :P


  7. Maybe just maybe they will show a games console?

    • It’d be arrogance (and counter productive) beyond even Apple to show a games console at their own event instead of at E3.

  8. I hate Apple, I them with the fire of a thousand suns! However I still have an iPod Classic?!

  9. Interesting times? I’m not interested in Apple at all.

    • Granny Smiths are nice, try those

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