Samurai Warriors 3: Empire Outed

It looks like Tecmo KOEI aren’t quite done with Samurai Warriors 3 just yet. After an original release for the Wii, followed by an “Xtreme Legends” expansion and even a PlayStation 3 port, Samurai Warriors 3: Empire has recently been outed by promotional poster.


Details are short at present; we know that Empires is due to launch in Japan this August, and it wouldn’t be at all surprising if the game followed the strict conventions of other “Empires” instalments before it. Players will likely be enlisted in one of the Feudal Japan’s military campaigns, using both battle and tactical skills to unite the land. There has yet to be any word of an overseas release, though given KOEI’s recent track record with Samurai Warriors 3 in the US/EU it seems incredibly unlikely.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Sell the poster and buy a new bedsheet/tablecloth is my advice.

  2. Nice…

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