Xbox 360 To Get $100 Price Cut?

Looks like Microsoft are serious. An advert found on the Target retail site suggests that the Xbox 360 is going to get a $100 price drop (with the Kinect hardware).

Clicking on the advert takes you to the current price, but many are speculating that this is something that’s going to be announced at E3 .


$299 for that particular model of 360 along with the motion control tech is quite the bargain.

Of course, it could just be a typo…

Source: CAG.



  1. They should have done this when the PSN went down for maximum impact.

    • That would of made sony’s jaws drop. :O

  2. Meh, I’m more inclined to get an Elite to be honest. I really don’t like the design of the 360S, it looks like it’s been warped!

    • But it’s important to note, I’m extremely picky!

    • The gloss finish on the 360 S gets hairline scratches straight out of the box and its a dust magnet so you go to clean it and it ends up getting even more scratched.

      The cooling system is better on the S though.

      • That’s anothing thing that put me off, I know from having the glossy launch PS3, it’s a nightmare to keep clean. I might try and bribe my local store to give me a 4gb matt console with the bigger hard drive. Can’t see it working though!

  3. That’s a cracking deal actually. I might finally get the “dance machine” my girlfriend keeps asking for :D

    (note: I already have an elite at my place, but no Kinect, this would be for her place).

  4. Guess we will se a ps3 price drop too then :D

  5. That seems to be alot…

  6. Been looking to get a kinect setup and if this is true and comes over to the uk i may well upgrade my 360 at the same time. Fingers crossed this is true.

  7. Now that would be a great price.

  8. Interesting…
    I might finally see if Alan Wake was as good as it looked…

    • It’s not. Did you think Uncharted was awesome and are hoping this is the night time version? It’s not. I got very bored, very quickly.

      PS: For sale, one copy of Alan Wake.

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