3DS System Update Detailed

Originally planned for “late May”, the much anticipated Nintendo 3DS system update has been dated for 7th June. We’ve also been given details for what’s to be included.

The update finally makes the internet browser work, although it’s the NetFront browser that the PS3 also uses with no Flash so “work” might be an overstatement. It is possible to use the browser during gameplay too, via nimble use of the Home button. This should make all those Layton walkthroughs much easier to use…


The update also throws open the doors on the eShop which means that we’ll be able to spend those Nintendo points on a flurry of downloadable distractions.

There will be virtual console versions of Gameboy classics, Super Mario Land, Tennis and Alleyway. We’ll also get our hands on the 3D remastered version of NES classic, Excitebike, which will be free until July 7th for anyone who downloads the update.

Finally, there will be a free 3D Pokédex application that allows users to collect info and 3D images of Pokémon. Entries can be shared with friends and collected via SpotPass to fill out “more than 150 Pokémon”. Once captured, the little critters can be brought out into the augmented reality world around you and photographed.

The update is free to download and should be available on the 7th June, worldwide.



  1. Netfront, really? That’s a shame, what happened to Opera?

    Still, whatever, EXCITEBIKE!

  2. Netfront is ok on the PS3…. I use it alot maybe more than gaming sometimes but it as nothing on Firefox or Chrome, so many times it crashes on Google News which I tend to visit daily.

    The PSP version is extremely poor though, its a bit sad that theres no Opera and I doubt I will bother to run it (crash it) while playing a game. Hopefully the 3DS version is better than both of the Playstations.

  3. Time to get sucked into this whole Pokemon thing at a rather late juncture.

  4. No Flash?!

    So that’s any site that doesn’t have a mobile version off limits :-/

  5. Looks like I bought a 3DS at the right time. I’ve only had it a week and already I feel lost without an Internet connection and store to spend my wages lol!
    I like using the PS3 browser so I’m fine with it being on the 3DS. As long as I can check my emails and read the occasional walkthrough I’m golden :)

  6. I don’t need the internet on my 3DS. A mate of mine put the internet on a CD for me.

  7. Considering how bad the PS3 and Wii web browser is, i’m surprised they used the same browser. I would like to think it runs smoothly this time, but I wont be hopeful. The software lineup is a little light, but free Excitebike will stop my 3DS collecting dust for a few minutes, and the Pokemon app is a nice surprise.

  8. As long as the 3DS uses one of the latest versions of NetFront then I doubt that it will be a problem.

    I find the PS3 browser ok to use, but it really could do with updating to a newer version.

    Has it been said which version of NetFront will be used?

    The Wii’s NetFront browser has Flash Lite support. Has it been said that the 3DS version of NetFront won’t support Flash Lite?

    • Yup, it has been said. Here’s hoping for an update someday.

  9. I don’t plan on using the browser anyway. Between smart phones, tablets and computers, i’ve got that covered. I’m excited for eShop. Now if i could just get my hands on a (few) US 3DS Cash Card before next week.

  10. BTW, anyone want to share friend codes for the 3DS? I don’t have any multiplayer games yet, but wouldn’t mine having a few friends on there for when the time comes.

    • Sure. Like you I don’t have any multiplayer titles yet but I’m sure that will change when Mario Kart, Resident Evil, etc come out :)
      0344 9363 4306

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