[email protected] Stats: June 2011

One thing before I post this month’s stats, about 10 days ago in the Top 500 I announced that we’d reached the top 500, the post title gave it away really, however the job of announcing the winners fell to the Oscar Mike Media podcast folk, so if you listened to Episode 19 you’ll have known if you were one of the four winners. If you didn’t listen, then damn you, you should.

Anyway, to recap, here’s our winners:

For the stickers the winners were:

  • Stueeeee
  • Seaninio
  • XTG

And for the mousemat:

  • Surjut-UK

If you could all send your postage details to peter [at] thesixthaxis [dot] com with “I’m-a top 500 Winner”, make sure you include your user name, so he knows who’s who.

Onto the stats… press Page 2 below please :).

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  1. DAmn nofi for changing from blue to orange… hopefully it’s only temporary.

    • I kinda like it, it goes with the Battlefield 3 site advert

    • I hope it stays, its a change from the dullness of blue (opinion)

    • Oh I’m not saying I don’t like it, just means I have to adjust the tables next month to the new colour :).

      • See, I couldn’t just leave it blue.. I’d lay there at night thinking, “Must make the tables match the site’s colour scheme…”.
        Anyway, I hope it won’t bug you too much, Jas-n! :0)

      • It’s a complicated process to change them, I would have if I could.

  2. Nice one Jas-n, those 300 Firefox tabs are definitely worth it. Good to know that we’re doing so well, higher than 500 IN THE WORLD is quite impressive. Bring on Eurogamer! We can do it!

  3. I should hopefully be in next months if I put my specs to folding. Maybe it will help us advance up that top 500 quicker, and I definitely want to see us overtake Eurogamer soon!

  4. Eurogamer are going down! :P If only I could fold 24/7 like I did the last couple of months! Grr for hot sunny days AND my computer heating up my apartment uncomfortably.

  5. Also, what happened with the actual mouse-mat design part? What design is on the mousemat?

    • http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2011/04/06/foldinghome-competition-results/ (Bunimomike’s entry won.)

      @Jas-n: On a related note, have I missed the stickers for my entry? I’d forgotten about it until know.

      • Aww, was just about to post it :/ ;)

      • Peter (Colossalblue) said he’d ordered the stuff the otehr day, so make sure you’ve sent your postage details to him and he’ll sort them as soon as he can.
        I’ll drop hin an email to confirm.

      • Yup, all prizes have been ordered at the same time so that’s why the initial winners are still waiting.
        As I said just make sure you’ve sent your details :).

    • There’s been like 3 folding posts since, all linking to the winners… including this one :).

  6. Congrats to the winners of mousemat and stickers, and congrats to all of us for reaching 500!

    • Congratulations to all the folders.

  7. Sorry I’ve not been good this month. Just re-installed Windows so I’ll get my card client and start smashing through some projects.

  8. Stickers, yeah! :D

  9. I should fold, I’m not using the PS3 much :3

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