Massive NGP/PS Vita Info Blowout!

It seems that the NGP event held recently might have had some sort of embargo. There’s been a massive eruption of information from several major sites this evening. Obviously, having been excluded from this event, we can’t make too much comment ourselves but here’s a rough summary of what’s come out.

The Uncharted game got a subtitle: Golden Abyss. It will be a prequel with imaginative use of the touchscreen and plenty of graphical fairy dust.


The Super Stardust game also got a fancy subtitle, Delta, and will make use of as many of the NGP’s control options as possible. It’s a twin stick shooter but you can drop bombs by shaking, power up by swiping the rear touch surface and target with screen taps.

The gorgeous-looking WipEout 2048 was confirmed for NGP and given interoperability with certain tracks on the PlayStation 3 version of WipEout HD Fury. It’s set on streets, making good use of the tried and tested wow factor of real-world landmarks and it uses all the touch and tilt goodness the NGP can provide.

There were also screens for Hustle Kings, Little Deviants, Reality Fighters and something called Sound Shapes that looks decidedly like something PixelJunk would make.

It all looks amazing but it sounds like they might be overdoing it with the novelty controls in much the same way that turned many traditional gamers off the Wii. I will admit that I’m also concerned that Sony have missed the shifting tides of mobile gaming towards casual and are once again trying to put a super-powered home console in our hands. But then I look at how gorgeous WipEout 2048 looks and I don’t care anymore.

Hopefully Sony will let us see it next week at E3 and we can give you our full, unfettered opinions.

Source: various posts on CVG, mostly, with a bit of Eurogamer too.



  1. Same sales pitch that Sony used for the original PSP, the games look shiny but will it do nay better than it’s predecessor?

    • This is my concern too. EXCEPT that times have moved on hugely. Cross-platform online and multiplayer is now a big possibility, as is having comparable games on both platforms (or this is possible again now).

      Then, there’s also how the machine should be able to pull off all of the things an iPhone or Android can.

      It’s a different world, and the NGP has shifted quite well to cover all the bases, I think.

  2. Wow if only I was a few years younger, I would definitely buy this. But I just don’t care about things like these anymore. Il buy a few games here and there, but I think il skip the NGP. I just haven’t got the time for things like that anymore :( Especially with Uni coming up, exams etc. And it saddens me :( Il just have to stick to my PS3 and my phone for games.

    But I have a HUGE summer holiday so im planning to get loads of co-op games and play them with my mates.

  3. This is becoming an ever increasing prospect on my purchase horizon. My wallet is going to hate me…

  4. Want want want.

  5. Absolutely excited about WipEout 2048! This could potentially be the system seller for me. But of course; still waiting on the price announcement.

  6. From the European PlayStation Blog, about WipEout 2048: “Perhaps the most exciting feature is the ability to play against PS3 racers on WipEout HD Fury via cross-play with PlayStation 3.”

    Wow. This I what I’m excited about. NGP-PS3 online play; win!

    Now, Sony, let’s have, NGP-PS3 titles which are exactly the same on both platforms, with cloud saves so that there is literally no difference between the game on the two platforms.

    I am so excited for the NGP. I really, really hope Sony push the PS3 connectivity; it really is a winning combination.

    Oh, they had better have a decent price, as well. :)

  7. It looks amazing. And imagine what the games in 5 years time will look like!!

  8. Here’s a quick thought…
    Rumours of Nintendo’s Cafe having a touch screen interface and also rumours Sony may be replacing dualshock with a new controller at e3 (see CVG’s E3 rumours pt.2) I reckon NGP will be a new controller for ps3. We all know it’s powerful enough for a few more years so to compete with wii2 it makes sense. Rather than buying a new home console you get a handheld to component and future prof your PS3.

    It would kind of pee on Nintendo’s fire too.


    • Compliment not component, sorry, stupid predictive typing!

    • The only thing missing from the NGP is R1 and R2 unless that can be added to the touch thing? using that as controller really does make sense, would be cool to use but I can’t see it replacing the Dualshock.

      • I thought that too. I also thought it seems strange to release all this before E3 unless there was a bigger announcement to come it just makes sense in my head…

  9. I think Jonathan Mak’s Sound Shapes has just convinced me I need an NGP.

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