First Darksiders II Trailer Surfaces

Darksiders was a bit of a cult hit when it launched in January of 2009, receiving some mixed reviews from critics and gamers alike. However, for just about every person that thought it was nothing special, there was a gamer like me that saw it as an instant classic.

If you’re one of the chaps that enjoyed the original, then it’s time to rejoice, as the first trailer for Darksiders II has been released.We’ll let the video do most of the talking but it looks like you’ll be playing as a different character this time around.


We’re sure to hear more about this with E3 closing in so stay tuned for the latest info.

[Update] Unfortunately, before we could even get this story posted, THQ removed the video from YouTube. You can still check it out via Game Informer, here.

Source: Game Informer



  1. Really liked the first one, a great puzzle,action,roaming,rpg type game, looking forward to the sequel!

  2. Near the end… it reminded me of Soul Reaver 2

  3. i think the sequel will play an important roll in proving that the first game was the begginig of something :)

  4. Woop Woop :) Liked the first one a lot! Will look out for this :)

  5. Tried the first one but got bored. Will still give this one a go though.

  6. Awesome! Darksiders was great played like a heavy metal Zelda.

    • Indeed :) looking forward to this!

  7. you play as Death in this one. Should be very cool.

  8. Loved the first one,can’t wait

  9. Darksiders was a brilliant fun game, had lots of fun in the campaign, plus he looked cool lol.
    Looking forward to the second!

  10. Looks great. I haven’t played the first one though. I’m sure I’ve seen it cheap on ShopTo so might pick it up.

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