Darksiders 2 And MX vs ATV: Supercross Listed For PS4

Ready for some more spruced up PlayStation 3 games on PS4? It looks like Nordic Games are finally putting to use the Darksiders IP they purchased from THQ as Amazon.com are listing a “Definitive Edition” for PlayStation 4.


Amazon are also listing MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore Edition for PlayStation 4. The details for both games seem to be placeholders with release dates on the last day of the year, but the games are priced $20 below the normal price of PS4 titles.

Source: Amazon 1/2 via AGB


  1. That better include Darksiders 1 or it’s not worth it.

  2. Seems a little pointless, Darksiders 2 was given free on games wth gold and I presume its been on plus too. Darksiders 3 would be welcome though.

  3. Desperate clutch at an average game..$40.00 fuc+ that I don’t care how shiny it looks,

  4. Yes! More Definitive editions! Totally worth buying a next gen console…

    • It’d be more useful to buy a current gen console for them, surely? The PS5 is a few years away still ;)

      In which case, yes, definitely a reason to buy one. Bugger, the sarcasm is contagious. No, it’s not a reason to buy one, but it’s a bonus. Especially for anyone getting a PS4 that didn’t have a PS3 (because they’re one of the millions abandoning MS this time?). Or if you missed out on a game on the PS3. And if knocking out a few cheap, slightly tarted up PS4 ports makes some money for the developers to spend on a whole new game, that’s a bonus too.

      • Darksiders was also on 360 though…

      • devs aren’t using the money to make new games though. just look how many rehashes and sequals there are. its almost become a parody. i can understand porting the best last gen games but awful below average games like Darksiders no one was asking for. this gen will only get worse but you keep pretending everything is fine.

  5. Didn’t Darksiders 2 flop? What makes them think it’s suddenly going to sell on the PS4/XB1?

    • What counts as a “flop” these days? Best numbers I can find are 1.5m copies (compared to “over 1 million” for the first game). And a Metacritic score of 84 (better than the 83 for the first game).

      This suggests that the first game wasn’t a flop (because you don’t make a sequel to a failed game, do you?). And since the second game sold at least as many copies and scored higher, can that really count as a flop?

      Although THQ claimed at the time it “did not perform to our expectations”.

      • I remember reading an article at the time that said Darksiders 2 needed to sell 2 million copies in order to break even. Later it was listed as one of the contributing factors which lead to THQ filing for bankruptcy.

        The game was well received and 1.5 million copies sold is a decent number, but if you’re not making any money I would consider that a flop.

        I haven’t played Darksiders 2 yet but I would sooner buy it at £5 on PS3 than £40 on PS4.

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