Insomniac To Reveal Their New Game At E3

Remember all that fuss last year when Insomniac games announced they were going multi-platform?

It’s been suspiciously quiet since then but we will find out exactly what the fuss was about at E3 – Insomniac have updated their Facebook with the following message:


We are excited to reveal our brand new universe and game during the EA Press Conference on Monday, 12:30 PDT, on SpikeTV

Will it be a new FPS? A platformer? Your guess is about as good as anyone as Insomniac – unlike many other developers – are totally leak proof.

My money is on an eight player co-op Cowbell Hero style game.

Source: Facebook



  1. Interested

  2. An all new universe, therefore a whole new ip? the cosmic adventures of Jojo the super rabbit turbo hd 3d remix?

    • I think that’s a DS game isn’t it?

    • A third person shooter apparently – something similar in style to Mass Effect. It’s been 12 months since EA announced its “ground-breaking” deal with Insomniac, which I think was for one new IP and one game.

  3. maybe its a 3D MOVE enabled co-op zombie MMORPG that has Kart racing as DLC…….?!

    • Oi, that’s intellectual property theft, see my idea above! Jojo the super rabbit is a 3d move enabled co-op zombie mmorpg that has kart racing as dlc.

  4. I hope they do something completely different, as big a change as the one between Ratchet and Resistance.
    If they can run three top quality franchises at the same time, all being different and one being a multiplat, there would be no doubt that Insomniac are the best developers around.

  5. Can’t wait to find out what this is. I love Insomniac as developers and are always interested in what they produce.

  6. Ohh lookibg forward to seeing what this is, big fan of resistance and im getting into ratchet and clank now :)

    • I feel the opposite in as I love ratchet and clank but warming to resistance but totally on track with looking forward to seeing what this is. They say a universe so I’m hoping for a top quality RPG :)

      • Well i mainly love the story to resistance and i enjoyed both single players but only the mp on res1 was good. Now i have ratchet and clanks TOD and QFB so ill get playing with them, i would like a RPG too :D

      • Lol. I think when they say universe they simply mean the world in which the game is set.

  7. This game has been on my mind for the past couple of months, so it will be good to know exactly what it is.

    as for Insomniac going Multi? well as long as theres a version on PS3 and it doesn’t SUFFER because of the Multi-platform creation process, ill be happy.

  8. It’s bound to be a platformer. If you were going to hire Insomniac to make a game for you you’d blatantly do it for their talent with cartoon-like platformers. Ratchet & Clank, for instance, is in a league of its own. Resistance is good but there are much better studios to pick up if you want yet another FPS.

  9. as long as it isnt an fps im happy

  10. Hopefully not an FPS. Extremely interested for sure

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