TSA’s E3 Hub Now Live

Just a quick heads up for everyone starting to get excited about E3. We’ve collected all the information you might need to prepare for the live web streams and we’ll collect all the E3-related news and opinion for each of the three platform holders as it comes in.

We won’t be liveblogging the event because, well, what’s the point when there are multiple places to watch it yourselves? We will be adding the big news as it comes up and we’ll also be bringing you our reaction from the events and from the streams too.

On the TSA E3 Hub you’ll find a timetable to let you know when the press events are taking place as well as each platform holder, listed in the order of their press conference, where the relevant news will be collected. We’ve even started by collecting some of the early announcements that are already being made to get you hyped for the big show.

You can find our E3 hub all week using the link at the top of the homepage (or via this handy link for those who want to go immediately) and we’ll be changing and updating the page all through next week as events unfold.

Alex and Isaac are both at the show and will be bringing you their opinions of the games they get their hands on as well as plenty of interviews and news. The rest of the team are holding the fort back on this side of the Atlantic and will be doing our best to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

We’re going to be doing a few special podcasts and posting some of the opinion and discussion pieces that are uniquely TSA. We’ll also be keen to hear what you think of the events and the big news stories so please get involved and leave your thoughts in the comments sections and on our bustling forums.

Basically, it’s E3 done TSA style and we really hope you’ll join us.



  1. *Tuts at TSA not liveblogging*

    I kid of course ;) I’ve still got exams until Wednesday, so I’m gunna miss most of the press conferences this year, can’t wait for your coverage guys! Hope E3 is as exciting as its looking like it will be :)

    • Pity I’ve got exams all week.. Otherwise I might even have considered watching Sony’s press conference.

      • That wasn’t supposed to be a reply, whoops!

      • Doesn’t matter, good luck with your exams.

    • we’ll be watching live and reporting the news immediately as it drops. I just thought a liveblog saying “Now Jack Tretton is on stage”, “NGP also available in white” and all that crap was totally pointless given that everyone and anyone can watch it themselves ;)

      • Absolutely agree with you, like I say, I’m really looking forward to the coverage here – was awesome last year :)

        And I’m looking forward to seeing how well people do in the bingo.

      • Agreed, although the staff reaction article from last year was a nice touch.

      • Looking forward to it.

      • I’d love for you guys to to a “LiveBlog” of a different kind. A sort of running commentary but assuming the reader is streaming the event. Instead of “xyz walks on stage, video of zyx game”, we could have “Rumors from februar say they’ll launch …”, This is from the same team that made …”, “That shirt has to be breaking some kind of law”, “That means 30 tsaians got one point in e3 bingo”

        Obviously that will be harder than just writing down what happens on stage, so maybe not doable?

    • It won’t exactly be a live blog, but I do recommend that you follow me on twitter. I’ll be tweeting about E3 nonstop and I’ll post tons of pics!


  2. Neat, got it bookmarked now.
    Have a great time there guys!

  3. very nice, i especially like the conference schedule, i always have trouble working out the time zones.

    great to hear ms will be letting you stream their conference here, it’ll be cool if sony and/or nintendo do the same.

    anyway, looks like i’m not gonna be getting much sleep monday night.
    and i guess you’re gonna have a busy week too.

    • How come its on Monday this year? I swear its normally a Sunday, though I’m most probably wrong.

      • MS is normally the day before the show, Monday. Last year was a little different as they had the Kinect circus event on Sunday in addition to their press event on Monday.

  4. Really great feature guys :D I am actually so excited for this it’s unbelievabubble.

  5. Really want to watch Ubisoft’s one for Assassins Creed and hopefully some Rainbow Six news. Will watch a bit of MS’s one, and may or may not watch Sony’s one, depends if I can be bothered.

  6. Love the little McAfee tested logo at the bottom :D

  7. Great and thanks. Im in :-D

  8. So proud that TSA has not one, but two people at E3 this year. Excellent stuff.

  9. One day to go. Can’t wait for E3 and as i dont have an exam Tuesday i may have a couple of hours of sleep Monday afternoon and watch Sony’s press conference but that may involve missing Microsofts. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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