Battlefield 3 Dated, Launches Before CoD

I would like to briefly mention that, for the first time ever, TSA has had so many news posts that we have spilled over to a third page on the site. We hope you’re enjoying it!

Now to business. Battlefield 3 has been given a release date of October 25th, beating Modern Warfare 3 by two weeks. There will also be a multi-platform open beta in September. A new trailer is doing the rounds, and we will try and grab it for you.



  1. Looked good, shame it was only shown on a presumably Über-expensive PC with all the settings on max. It’s about time it was shown on consoles

    • This is one time i don’t give a rats ass about the console version. I’m sure it will look better than most games do. Any ways i will be most definitely playing it on PC, only really to get the full experience that BF3 has to offer. Oh yeah and those slick ass visuals!!!

      That Trailer was pretty awesome, but the tank level they showed in the live demo, just blew my mind!

  2. The tank sequence from E3 looks like its from a different class! I just hope the console versions aren’t dumbed down too much.

  3. It’s still looking amazing, the clips of multiplayer look very intense but it’s a relatively close-quarters map so not exactly ‘classic’ Battlefield, nonetheless it looks sensational.

    The live demo was excellent too and took a slower approach than most live-demo’s, I presume to show off the engine somewhat.

    Roll on 19:30 BST tomorrow for more BF3!

  4. Oh yah, my preorder looks pretty strong right now! :D

  5. Looked awesome! Console footage should have been showed but at least they’ve got good tactics for grabbing attention of the average gamer who wouldn’t know it was PC footage, with amazing graphics and effects.

    • The sound desighn is also stunning, for me, thats an aspect that can’t be underestimated nowadays.

  6. The beta is also September which is the only reason Medal Of Honour is on my shelf still.

    • That bit needs clarifying, they actually said open beta in September, which would traditionally suggest that MoH isn’t required, but I’m sure they’ll clean up their terminology soon enough.

      • limited editions of Medal Of Honor came with Battlefiled 3 Beta access.

      • Maybe there will be an earlier beta for MOH owners.

  7. Looked stunning, shame it was only tank gameplay and no on foot action, but none the less, looked amazing. The console version will look nothing like that though, so I now really want to get a gaming PC.

    • You’ll need a few grand to run it at those settings

      • A few grand is overkill, but it is something of a mystery as to what settings a £1k rig at present will be able to manage.

      • Say what?

        Please tell me you’re joking there.

      • 1k would do the job just fine

      • Tooooo expensive for me!

  8. It really did look tremendous, it’s made me want to pick up the older games.
    To be fair though they did use the Hypnotoad noise from Futurama a lot……*BRRZZZKK*

    • Pick up the older games!! I did a couple of months ago and I’m still on them regularly.

  9. Loved BF2 on the pc and with some of the classics maps being brought to BF3 this will make a refreshing change to CoD. Defo a PS3 purchase as my pc is woefully outdated for playing this on high quality and I’m not spending that kind of money just for a game :)

  10. Yeh you missed out the major beta news TSA…but so excited :D

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