Fable: The Journey Revealed

Peter Molyneux appeared on stage during the Xbox conference to announce Fable: The Journey. Then an introduction was shown stating that the ‘age of heroes is over’.


Gameplay footage showed the use of Kinect in the game; the man demonstrating acted out being on a horse carriage, taking the virtual ropes using Kinect and then stepping off into what became something similar to an on-rails shooter. You’ll use your hands to cast different spells, some of which looked pretty interesting. But hopefully there will be more to it than just this.

Defeating trolls whilst getting led through a level? Can’t wait.



  1. that sounds utterly terrible, the way MS are pushing kinect makes me wonder whether the next xbox will even have a gamepad

    • Watching E3 live I can only say that it looks amazing!!!

    • they have gone mad with Kinect hate this controller free vibe there trying to sell us.

      • Its almost like someone from the win launch management team are involved. 360 will be called kiddie winks soon….

  2. Massive fail imo, not happy at all with the look of this.

  3. Yaaaaaawn, onrail is so 90’s. I rather play Socery.

  4. the few good things ms showed where just forgotten in the face of just how awful this looks.

    honestly, my jaw just dropped when watching the video.

  5. the spell weaving showed better kinect control but being on rails is completely out of kilter with Fable.

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