PS Vita Logo Appears

More confirmation that the NGP will be officially known as the PS Vita as a logo for the device has been registered with the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union.

The typeface is the same as the current PlayStation branding and as well as the logo the terms ‘PS Vita’ and ‘PlayStation Vita’ have been trademarked.


So what does Vita mean? Well it’s the Latin word for life but also the second letter in the Greek alphabet which we would pronounce ‘Beta’ – is that a hint?

Vita is also the name of a city in Italy, a small town in India, a female American rapper, a brand of drinks in Hong Kong and the name of a small car by Opel.

Source: Neogaf / OAMI



  1. And all those meanings will be put to shame, when it suddenly will stand for the most powerful handheld console known to man.

  2. Crap name, dosen’t roll off the tongue and sounds like a brand of womens shampoo.

    • I agree, it sounds daft.
      In addition to the horrible lo-fi looking “bubble menu” interface, it’s starting to feel more and more like a product launched in the early nineties.
      MC Hammer could have been fronting this: “You Must Touch This! Vita, it’s proper”

      • ah finally someone who also hates the ‘bubbles’.. I totally agree with you and they should fire, no punish, the one responsible for that and talk to some designers from Apple (imho that is)

      • Yup. I actually like the name but the ‘Bubble’ system seems rather overdone somehow. I think that XMB is one of the best menu systems anywhere though, so somewhat inevitably, anything they try, I see as a step back. I hope they prove us doubters wrong. :)

  3. NGP in 2 yeaRS WILL be called VITAlite

    • ha ha, nice. I’ll be your dog.

      • Thought that was Kiora? (it’s too orangey for playstation)

  4. La Vita Bella :)

    • Wouldn’t it be “la bella vita”? In “la dolce vita” the adjective is also before the subjective.

      • the position depends on the adjective not the subject, dolce is on of the few that goes before, most, like bella, go after

  5. Didn’t know corsas were called vitas in other countries.

  6. Still hate the name.

    • Just got my copy of PSM3. They call it by its simple name PSP2. The Stardust game is called Super Stardust Delta. There is another game we didn’t know about (I’ll let Sony tell you) and a pretty cool surprise to do with backwards compatibility.

      Oh and they said you better be excited…it’s looking like a beast of a console in power, features and games!

      • All covered on TSA already.

      • Sorry, forgot the smiley face!

        Didn’t mean for that to come across as obnoxious.

      • Lol my bad, Kovac. But there’s still one thing :)

  7. The logo looks nice at least, in keeping with the style of the PS3 logo. Vita is starting to grow on me, but I would prefer something else.

    • Also, how do people pronounce it? I say it like ryvita (Vee-ta) while it could also be like how American’s say vitamins (Vi-ta).

      • I was thinking exactly this. I pronounce it vee-ta

      • I also say it as vee-ta.

      • I’ve been calling it Vee-ta. If the real name is Vita then someone on stage will pronounce it correctly and the correct way of saying it will spread from there. I’m just hoping this name is simply to distract everyone and keep them talking about NGP. Remember PlayStation Arc and how sure everyone was about how that was Move’s real name?

      • Yeah, I don’t believe (or hope) that this isn’t the finalised name. The name could be changed right up until the end so this could be distracting people from trying to work out what the finalised name is.

      • Vee-ta is the correct pronunciation, I’m hoping they don’t try and force some “trendy” slant on it. I’m also hoping this is all a ruse, Vita is an awful name!

    • Yeh the logo does look really nice tbh.

      PSVITA, sounds ok now, its growing on me xD

  8. Really beginning to like this name now. Although I was used to and liked it when everyone referred to it as NGP.

  9. AH :( are we sure that is it the NGP’s name?, as “beta” would hint that it’s a new service or something like that. Any ways it is a bad name, just hope there are no mini titles coming out on it, as all i can think of are Rivita Minis :( not good having the best handheld sounding like a dietry snack

  10. My Latin dictionary offers an alternate translation of: “way of life”, which I think is more appropriate.

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