Sony Santa Monica: Four Unannounced Titles At E3

Sony’s Santa Monica team will be showing four brand new titles at E3 as well as Twisted Metal, Journey, Starhawk and Sound Shapes. Speaking on Twitter, Sony’s Santa Monica tech boss Tim Moss said:

#SMStudio has 8 games from our talented external teams at E3 this year. A shit load of devs worked really hard the last few weeks.

When asked what the titles would be he replied:

[Eat, Sleep, Play’s] Twisted Metal, [Lightbox’s] Starhawk, Sound Shapes, [thatgamecompany’s] Journey + 4 others that are not yet announced.

Sound Shapes is a PS Vita title, a musical platformer that ‘lets you create musical compositions and unique levels at the same time by tapping on the screen, creating surfaces to climb onto, collecting music notes and reaching the end of each level.’

As for the unannounced games, one of these titles could be the leaked God Of War game but what of the other three? Will they be PS3 titles or perhaps new Vita games? We will find out in twelve hours…

Source: Twitter / USA Today



  1. Things are really hotting up now, cant wait for the conference.

    • Does it start tomorrow?

      • 1am on 7 June. So just after midnight.

        According to IGN’s YouTube page there is a super secret Sony game being shown tomorrow (but will most likely be revealed at the conference).

  2. Glad there will be surprises, I hate it when people spoil everything with leaks..

  3. Bloody hell. Roll on Sony’s conference!

  4. Cant wait till tonight! 1am :(

  5. Bit off topic but hopefully a new littlebigplanet for the vita that makes use of the two planes again and uses the two touch sensitive area (The screen and rear) to manipulate the environment with ease.

  6. How big is their studio?
    8 games??!!

  7. Heavenly Sword for NGP!

  8. And here was I thinking I couldn’t be more exited for E3 than I already was.

  9. Can’t wait! :)

  10. Please, please can GoW be a new trilogy within a whole new character/mythology/universe

    • Where could they go?
      Egypt? Rome would be too similar, surely…

    • VIKINGS! or Hindu mythology. That would be left field, but with awesome characters like Hanuman and Ganesh, and the whole multi armed motif for some epic enemies.

    • Maybe it was because I’d just played the HD collection not long before I picked it up, but I found GoW3 to be a big let down. So much hype, but I found it very boring.

    • That would be really nice. I’d like to see some egyptian or asian mythology. Viking action would also be agreeable. :)

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