Dust 514 Coming Exclusively To PS3

Over in LA, Sony has revealed that the EVE-connected FPS Dust 514 will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3, as previously rumoured.

The game, which will link in with the PC space-based MMO, will release in spring 2012 – a beta is coming at the end of this year – and will support online service Home, motion controller Move, and even extend in some undisclosed capacity to the upcoming NGP. Persistent, cross platform universe? Sounds fascinating, let’s hope it lives up to the potential.



  1. SOunds and looks great, i’m intrigued by the NGP functionality.

    Oh and well done on posting all this news guys!

  2. Most anticipated FPS? I think so. I want to see what they get up to in Home, sounds good. I really hope it turns out to be awesome.

  3. Very interested in this.

  4. There’s more info posted on the eu blog… sounds really interesting and also we won’t just be the Eve players b**ches.. Dust players can influence events in Eve too.. :)..

  5. This game sounds mental, in a good way :)

  6. Am I right in thinking this was PSN not disc-based? Regardless, it looked beautifully ambitious and some of the scenes were great to see. I know it’s not a genre I hanker after but regardless, top marks to them.

  7. Looked great. Most certainly interested in this one.

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