Dynasty Warriors Vita Announcement Trailer

Tecmo KOEI has recently launched a trailer for its next instalment in the Dynasty Warriors franchise, exclusive to the PlayStation Vita. The game has been showcased a couple of times now, though this new footage outlines the gameplay features we had only speculated about in the past. Aside from being able to use the rear panel to manipulate certain attacks, it also looks as though the front touch screen will play a key role in combat.


DW Vita (official title unconfirmed) will be using the character models and settings from the recent Dynasty Warriors 7, though as of yet we have only seen the franchise poster-boys Zhao Yun and Lu Bu. KOEI are also saying that the portable title will make great use of the Vita’s network capabilities.

Source: TECMO KOEI Europe


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  1. Just found about the Vita AND this game at the same time..and this is EPIC news.

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