PlayStation Vita Officially Named

Surprisingly absolutely nobody and their nan, Sony has officially revealed the Next Generation Portable will be called the PlayStation Vita at their E3 press conference.

On top of that, Sony revealed that the new platform will have cross-game voice chat from launch (yup, still no news for the PS3). They also disclosed that the “Near” location application will support local ad-hoc multiplayer. It seems that the connectivity functions are going to be a big selling point for the handheld marvel.


So yeah, we can all stop talking about the NGP now.

Update: We’re hearing, from the stage, a retail price of $249 for the WiFi only version and $299 for the 3G version. Roughly analogous to the 3DS price then. That’ll do, Sony, that’ll do.



  1. (Separate from Sony’s presentation, the game company has announced that the Vita will be available with 3G compatibility for 29,980 Yen (including tax), $299, and euro 299. A cheaper Wi-Fi-only edition will cost 24,980 Yen (including tax), $249, and euro 249.)

    • I’ll buy the 3G at that price.

      • I made the announcement before kaz did :P

      • Magic :p

        Disappointed that the dollar to euro conversion is a matter of symbol change only though.

      • whats even more disappointing that i bet the conversion to £ will be the same

      • That’ll be awful! $299 = 210 euros if I round UP. $299 = £200 if I round up by over £15. >< If they marketed things better in Europe, PS would rule.

        Anyhoo, enough negativity, the Sony Press Conference was awesome :)

      • But your currency conversions don’t factor in tax. Makes a significant difference.

      • Sorry I didn’t know. I thought the values were including tax and that it would be the same elsewhere. Surely not 100 euro extra tax though?

      • It’s gonna cost approximately 4000 kroner (£400) in Norway, mark my words.

      • Didn’t the psp launch at $250 and £180?

      • @scavenga has the 3g version up for preorder at 2999,- you could always order one now and then cancel the preorder if someone else offers it cheaper

  2. I don’t mind the name. It’s a little bit too much like Rivita or Vista but better than Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. I guess we can expect cross-game chat on PS3 around the Vita’s release or just before, then.

  4. How much will the Vita be in British Pounds?

  5. Vita it ease.

  6. As if a company hasn’t done a straight symbol change before. Here’s looking at you, Apple.

  7. Isn’t the 3DS going for around £160 though? I feel Sony have set themselves up for another loss with this pricing.

    • Yeah, the 3DS is probably going for that price now, but it launched at around £200

  8. I don’t like the americanized “Vida” pronounciation, but the name is definetly growing on me.

  9. Yeah when I heard the cross party chat for the vita I thought maybe just maybe they would announce something for the ps3 or plus members but they never mentioned a thing even new features for plus which I was surprised at.

  10. Great features and great price, the only thing i’m wondering about now is the camera resolution.

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