Super Mario Announced for 3DS

Nintendo just announced Super Mario for the 3DS at their E3 conference. The game will be in 3D, of course, and will also feature 3D elements in-game with a 3D world and a camera that will switch between view points, much like in Super Mario Galaxy.


The game will release before the end of the year, though we don’t know if that is worldwide or just in Japan yet.



  1. Should have been a launch title really.

  2. Nothing to see here….

  3. I wonder if Mario gets tired of being the equivalent of a gimmick voice box. Actually I bet he has his own. Looks cool, but Mario is Mario, the only reason i’d buy it is because the platformer genre is in dire need of some love and attention and no-one is giving it any apart from the yearly indie game. Thats why i’m playing Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast… >_>

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