Dead Rising ‘Off The Record’ E3 Gameplay Trailer

Dead Rising was always a bit wacky with it’s amusing selection of ‘adult’ weapons but the trailer for the upcoming ‘Off The Record’ digital download title is very, very odd. To quote out very own Gamoc, who has just seen the video, “What the f***?”

Source: YouTube


  1. lame

    • amazing comment! please continue contributing to the site with your awesome insight

  2. i. . . i don’t get it

  3. have any of the core elements been changed for this title?
    it looks a lot like the dead rising from earlier this year, so could end up being disappointing again

  4. It’s… not a digital download, it’s a retail copy.
    And there are many new differences to this version of Dead Rising 2 compared to the original one of 2010.
    1. Frank West, the protagonist of the first game is back again.
    2. A checkpoint system.
    3. Fairer and more varied bosses.
    4. New combo weapons.
    5. Frank’s camera.
    6. Better loading times.
    7. Uranus Zone.
    8. Chuck will be the second player character for co-op.
    Bluecastle are paying attention to fan feedback from the previous game and there trying to make a better one this time around.
    I’m actually really looking forward to this, I know this game is not for everyone but I’m interested in seeing how things would of folded out differently if Frank was in the Fortune City outbreak.

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