Rage E3 Screenshots

Rage is looking better and better each day and here are some lovely E3 flavoured screenshots for your to look at.

Once you have had a look why not make a witty comment about the game in the rather handy comments section below. Alternatively, post your your favourite type of cheese and explain how Rage has similar qualities to that cheese.

Source: Press Release


  1. Philedelphia. Erm, I can’t think of any similarities though D:

  2. I think I genuinely want this game more than any other.

  3. Rage is like Port Salut, because… when you open up the package, the contents smell slightly bad… But then you get a taste, and it’s delicious? And it blocks your arteries?
    *gives up*

  4. Emmental is, in many ways, like the dilapidated builds you see in Rage. Both have more holes than a Baghdad taxi.

  5. Seriously…in picture 4…if you were going to give someone a flamethrower would it be that guy?

  6. Really looking forward to getting my “cheesy” mitts on this game. Playing it looks like it’ll be a erm…..brie(ze).

  7. Without my Rage, I get into a right cheese….hold on, scrap that and reverse it..

  8. a trailer for this came on before i watched Hangover 2 (was awesome :D) and it looked fun and chaotic :) For that Rage is like Blue Cheese as you have to be bad ass to eat and all those screens look bad ass so there is my similarity ;)

  9. When is this actually coming out? seems like this games just been a stream of trailers and screen shots for ages now.

  10. Feta cheese, it’s an aged crumbly cheese, just like the landscape in Rage. Except it’s not cheese!

    Anywho… Rage is looking amazing!

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