Mirror’s Edge: EA ‘Looking At How To Bring It Back’

EA Games boss, Frank Gibeau, has said they are actively looking at how to bring back Mirror’s Edge. The original game, created by DICE, was critically acclaimed and sold 2 million units but this was below EA’s expectations.

“We love that franchise. The DICE guys really created something I think special the first time around. You’ve got to have a big idea to be able to do the next one and that’s what we’re working on.”

Frank was also asked if there was a possibility of a Mirror’s Edge 2/Frostbite 2 engine partnership, to which he replied “you’ll see that combination, I’m sure”.

Source: GTTV



  1. I’d love that. the first game was different to anything else I’ve played before.

  2. Mirror’s Edge needs a sequel, the game was a breath of fresh air and is one of the true originals in a long time. I don’t care if they have to shoe horn in multiplayer, or add a bit more of a focus on combat, but make it happen.

    • Adding focus to combat, and enforcing it would ruin the whole concept of the game. So I disagree partly, and hope dearly if they do bring it back, the gunplay should still be undesirable.

      However, if they add MP in some way, which they ought to. Running head to head would be wicked!

  3. 1st one was great. Its a shame it didn’t sell very well, but I suppose it was destined to fail as soon as they opted for something which wasn’t an FPS or Sports game ;)

    • But it’s in first person and you get guns later on in the game :/ lol

      • Ah, you can get a gun as early as the first level if i recall correctly, but the real idea was to play through as a pacifist & never even pick a gun up, let alone use one! (I think there was even a trophy for it)

      • This is true, but choice is key I feel. Players should be able to just run through or have the option to run and gun if they wanted to. The game virtually became that for the last few levels anyway so it wouldn’t be so bad.

      • Those last couple of levels were nuts on anything above easy if you chose to not use firearms (I remember going for the pacifist and hard trophies at the same time… dumb idea)

  4. I reckon this will end up stuck in the bizarre sort of neverland that BG&E 2 is also stuck in. We’ll see Mirror’s Edge get a digital re-release in 3 years, with a budget price and the ultimatum that we need to buy it to show that it’s still viable.

    Then they’ll say that DICE are working on other things, and that Mirror’s Edge 2 is going to be a “next-gen game”.


  5. One of the two EA games I went back to complete during the PSN downtime….even now I thought it was great! Would definately be interested in a sequel!

    BTW…the other game was Dead Space! :)

    • In an age where I’m severely behind on playing new games through lack of time to do so, I still find time to replay ME. In fact it’s my most replayed game this gen I think. That’s something.

      • Yeah, that is saying something! I could be tempted to search for a few more bags! :)

        I know what you mean, I’ve completed about 30 games but still need to complete loads! I have Portal 2 (co-op) to finish, Dirt 3, LA Noire, Brink, Fallout New Vegas and Uncharted 2! I stress about it sometimes, lol. Mind you, not much else that interests me until FIFA 12 and the busy November!

  6. Whilst watching Need for Speed The Run when they get out car run up buildings I thought of Mirror Edge.

  7. I think they see DICE as Battlefield creators first and foremost, so they wonder how they can make time for them to create another mirror’s edge

  8. One of the best fivers I’ve ever spent on a game. Love the original but I can only play it in short bursts before my eyes go funny, and how on earth do those guys get to the top of the leader boards on the speed runs!? Imagine a sequel in 3D, even more vomit inducing.

  9. We pretty much already knew this. Remember when they were showing off the new Frostbite engine, and we saw those screens that were almost definitely from ME?

    • And it isn’t confirmation that there is a new game in development.

  10. Mirrors Edge was truly amazing, I absolutely love it. Day One purchase for a putative sequel!

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