MotorStorm Apocalypse Cancelled In Japan

Today Sony has confirmed that after a prolonged delay Evolution Studios’ MotorStorm Apocalypse won’t be launching in Japan. The company has yet to disclose reasons as to why, though it’s safe to assume the cancellation was made due to the Eastern earthquake and tsunami. MotorStorm Apocalypse is set within a collapsing city, suddenly populated with a fleet of “Lunatic” adrenaline-seekers, looking to exploit the disaster for personal glory. From that description alone, it’s easy to see why Sony were quick to put the game on hold.

Luckily for Japanese PlayStation 3 owners still looking to get a slice of the action, Sony’s home console is region-free, meaning any imported versions of the game will run without a hitch.

Source: Andriasang



  1. that is a valid reason why, many people may be offended and upset by the game, and considering sony is japan you an see why, im yet to play the game as it looks more arcade and a change from previous motorstorms

  2. Really not unexpected. A shame that they miss a good game like this one, but I fully understand why Sony has decided that it is too sensitive of an issue to release the game there.

  3. Probably the sensible decision. As the article says, those who still want it can import it.

    • Yes, I think a patch that allows the text to be switched to japanese might be nice? Probably a good decision by Sony anyway.

  4. Very good decision, it would of been crazy for them to release that after that catastrophe.

  5. This seems a little childish to me. Why should anyone relate a fictitious world to a real-world event? I think it should have been given time rather than cancelled outright.

    • Remember the fuss over Resistance 1? It features the cathedral of a UK City – and if you live in the UK as I do, you might remember it being plastered over the news as a horrible game because you commit murder in the cathedral, and a formal apology was issued by Sony, all you do in the game is run through and kill a bunch of aliens, I don’t care, but people went a bit mad. They’d rather cancel this than have more negative PR after the hack.

      • Yes I do, but I think Sony needs to be a little stronger against ignorant media sources, otherwise they will try and dictate further what is and isn’t okay in other media, which would be horrible.

      • It was Manchester Cathedral. I live in Manchester, & I didn’t even recognise it to be honest.

    • Because non-gamers are sensitive.

      • That is true, because most of them are ignorant of what is happening in the game world, and the fact that it is just a game.

        They should also get angry at writers as well then for a book written about a post-apocalyptic UK or the USA. Everyone would enjoy the book and not complain about it. Yet in a game people would freak out about it.

        Its still a form of entertainment either way.

  6. Perhaps they could have delayed the release but not stopped it altogether. It’s not like MotorStorm is set in Japan (is it), or the game doesn’t suggest that earthquakes in real life are “ok”? Dirt 2 was still released after Colin McRae died, and we have plenty of FPS whilst there are conflicts and wars. So by buying them are we saying we’d like to kill people for fun? No. I’m really not trying to be insensitive, it’s just that games and films aren’t necessarily trying to replicate tragic events.

  7. @ Crocadillian
    I think that after the amount of people who died, we can forgive them for being a tad “sensitive”.

    • Oh no, I think that it’s totally understandable for people to be sensitive, I just find it a little silly that they aren’t going to release it at all. Japan seems to have quite a few pieces of media that are apocalyptic, yet they aren’t being banned.

  8. A shame, but I can understand the reasons as to why.

  9. Contrary to popular opinion, gamenrs do have hearts. And yet the Daily Mail will still find somethig to shout about.

    • I think this is exactly why it shouldn’t be banned completely, (just delayed). It breeds this behavior – like that idiot from the Daily Mail who recently said that MW3 “recreates” 7th July London bombings. When actually I think a van causes the train to derail in the trailer, opposed to an actual bomb in the London Underground. There was also no reference to the same station. I’m pretty sure, as evil as Activision are (DLC = £11.99), they don’t condone terrorists.

  10. Can fully understand. I wonder how this will have affected the sales and if it will affect whether we get a Motorstorm 4 or not.

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