New 3DS Colour Revealed

Not a big fan of Aqua Blue or Cosmos Black? Well listen up because Nintendo is launching a third colour for the 3DS system, dubbed “Flare Red.” The new model has only been confirmed for a Japanese release on July 14th, though we suspect it will also be made available in other regions, especially with the launch of Star Fox 64 3D following soon after.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Great, now all we need is some good games to play on the damn thing and we’re all set*

    *Caution: This product contains bitchiness

    • Zelda OoT, Resident Evil Mercenaries, Star Fox and Kid Icarus should be out by then :)

      • None of them interest me to be honest, The only interesting game I have seen for the 3DS is Resi Revalations and Konami teasing Snake Eater 3D. That’s not enough. Especially when Revelations will probably appear on Vita at some point anyway.

      • but it as a second screen!

      • Yeah if you arent a fan of those games I can see the problem lol. Fortunately I am a huge Resi and Star Fox fan and have never played OoT so I have plenty to keep me busy :) (can’t wait for Snake Eater either as I haven’t played that particular MG game)

        I can’t personally see Revelations coming to the Vita personally, given how RE:Make, RE:0 and the lightgun games never left the Nintendo platform.

        @Sympozium, if not sure if you are being sarcastic, but I really like having the extra screen for things like inventory management, etc.

        Each to their own I spose :)

      • 2 Remakes, yet another sequal, and a Japanese orgy game isn’t enough (though OoT is the most interesting).

      • Lol you are aware that most games are either remakes or sequels these days right? Regardless of platform. Just check the e3 conferences if you don’t believe me ;)

  2. Really thought I’d have a reason to buy A 3DS by now… not sure a new colour and remake of Zelda is enough…

  3. The colours on launch were pretty lame, this makes me feel worse about purchasing a 3DS if a sudden UK price drop and lack of games to play didn’t already.

  4. RED!?!?! this is the one that was revealed a year ago.. IMO launching this instead of the ugly blue version would be WIN.

    I like my black 3DS though, if I ever get a second (force someone to play Monster Hunter (rumour) maybe?) perhaps I’ll go for it. I like red.

    • Strange, I have the black one and wish I had got the blue. The black one seems to show too many greasy fingerprints :(

      • I hear that. (PSP owner here)

    • Yeah, its typical very annoying

  5. Very odd that they launched black and blue versions, but no pink, since most DS gamers are little girls you’d think pink, purple and red would be the colours they’d choose.

  6. Seriously, is it really that difficult to have more of a wider range of colours that are NOT JUST in Japan? Its like the PS3’s. I really wanted a silver PS3 back when I got one. But, of course, Japan had it, and we didn’t.

    • I know!!! I think it might create more interest by allowing for more individuality, especially with a portable console, as well as just not being black like so many consumer electronics these days.

  7. Ahh right. Ok. Cheers.

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