Ra’s al Ghul Is Latest DCUO Villain

Sony’s super-powered MMO DC Universe Online is due for another content update, and this time around you and your companions will be taking the fight to Ra’s al Ghul and his league of deadly assassins. For the more casual DC fan, Ra’s featured in Chris Nolan’s Batman Begins back in 2005, the cold paragon of justice who taught Bruce Wayne advanced martial arts as well as deadly stealth techniques.


A date has yet to be confirmed for update 3, though we have reason to believe it may be soon. Sony Online Entertainment are already openly talking about the fourth update, which will include an instance set in the Fortress of Solitude, forcing Superman and Lex Luthor into an uneasy alliance against a common enemy.



  1. Just noticed a complete lack of comments. Is that because no one’s playing DCU online?? I know I’m not.

  2. I should get this, if only to try the free month…..

  3. I still have it, not played it properly since wrote the downtime. My hero is only level 21 and have got to a mission I keep getting whipped at (one of the Green Lantern ones). Could do with teaming up with someone. Anyone on Justice For All server? ;)

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