Brothers In Arms 4 Screen Shots

Ubisoft have fired over a couple of screenshots for Brothers in Arms: Furious 4, if you missed the rather gory E3 trailer then click here.

“The story follows four fierce and fearless warriors tracking the Führer himself. As one of the Furious 4, players will use special weaponry and unexpected combat abilities to fight the greatest threat the world has ever faced: an experimental Nazi army conceived in secret by the Third Reich.”

It sounds (and looks) rather like the Wolfenstein remake from 2009  – World War 2 setting, experimental armies, historically inaccurate weapons – check!

Source: Press Release


  1. As fun as it sounds, I really liked the Band of Brothers style games before. I was hoping for a continuation of their story.

    • Agreed. I was really looking forward to seeing the rest of Matt Baker’s story. Hells Highway ended with all the promises of the Battle of the Bulge yet to come…

  2. I wonder if I can close that italics tag.

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  3. Definitely looks like a points scoring WW2 game. I would have much preferred a continuation of the old series as well, especially seeing as theres no games like them anymore.

  4. Hopefully this is just a spin off

    • Rather than continuing with series hero Matt Baker (whose story will continue in other games, the Gearbox rep assures)

      Nice one!!!

  5. When Ubi first mentioned Brothers in Arms, I was really looking forward to a WW2 shooter, we haven’t had one in ages. While this game does look good, I don’t think it should have the BiA title.

    • Agreed. It looks like a lot of fun, but it really shouldn’t be part of the BiA franchise. It’s not even like it wouldn’t have picked up attention as a new IP, with Gearbox at the helm.

      Still, they’ve said it’s just a ‘test bed’, so hopefully Matt Baker’s story will return at some point.

  6. What the…?!

  7. indeed, perhaps they wanted a change from things, hopefully the gameplay is or was as good as previous versions…

  8. Now that’s a fire-axe!

  9. Could be fun.

  10. pff this suxx. give me borderlands 2 (oh well at least I got far cry 3 out of E3 ;-) )

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