Peter Molyneux: ‘A Horrendous Mistake’

News reaches us that Peter Molyneux is ‘a horrendous mistake’, something we have all suspected since he started inventing virtual children to play with. No.. wait..

News reaches us that Peter Molyneux has said his E3 demo of ‘Fable: The Journey’ was ‘a horrendous mistake.

“I made a horrendous mistake on the press demo of taking out the navigation allowing players to move. I’ll just state on record now that Fable: The Journey is definitely not on rails.”

Source: YouTube



  1. Ah, sweet LOLs soothe the soul! :)

  2. Oh, that he is!

  3. He spelt definitely completely wrong.

  4. They need someone to constantly vet every decision he makes. This has been a decade, now, of talking about features that haven’t even been prototyped, cutting overly ambitious stuff, and generally making a bit of a mockery of his name.

    We get that he’s enthusiastic about his games, but he needs to cut the guff and just create the best games he can without mixing his message up.

    • Reporting for duty, sir!

      • Not enough shit to wade through in the current job?

      • Can never wade through enough shit!

  5. I definitely don’t care Molyneux. Also, I definitely don’t believe you.

  6. Oh come on…. everyone makes mistakes Peter

  7. Hmm, i read somewhere that it’s only 50% on rails so i guess that passes for ‘not on rails’…
    and look at that – a whiteboard and no one has drawn a cock.. very suspect..

    • “a whiteboard and no one has drawn a cock.. very suspect..”
      Good point! I knew there was something off in that video!

    • I’m guessing the 50% he was referring to is the steering ;)

  8. This is the man who said of Kate and Milo:

    “Science Fiction writers, film-makers… haven’t imagined what [Lionhead] are able to do today.”

    “[Natal/Milo] is true technology which science fiction has not even written about.”

    Leaving to one side the fact he obviously has never read a SF novel or seen an SF film in his life. Able to do? True technology? It was never either. It was a pre-programmed, acted demonstration of what they’d like to do.

    Thing is, Milo would have been good if he could have delivered it. It was always planned for release until they realised it was impossible (at the present time); all of a sudden the MS bigwigs (including Greenberg) came out and claimed “we never said it was for release/retail”.

  9. I haven’t believed a word that’s come out of his mouth since Black and White

  10. On rails, or not, the game still looks incredibly sub-par. Was hoping Lionhead would take a break from the franchise and work on something new.

    • Like Microsoft would let them work on a ‘new’ game, given how many failed promises we’ve had so far. All of Molyneux’s decent work was produced under the Bullfrog name, which if memory serves is now part of EA’s collection; all he’s got left is Black and White, and Fable. If he tried to produce anything new, I guarantee it’d just get stuck in feature-creep development hell.

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