Rage Delayed

The new shooter from ID software, Rage, was originally scheduled for a September launch but the official site is now showing a release date of 7th October 2011.

At present no reason has been given for the short delay but CVG are speculating that the date has been moved so the game no longer clashes with the release of Gears Of War 3.

Source: Official Rage Site



  1. Phew, not that bad. I was thinking March next year.

    • Same, just a couple of months ain’t bad, hopefully a bit of extra content/polish

  2. S’all good!

  3. when you said delayed i was expecting next year but October not too bad, Dark Soul’s is also out that month and i really want to get both games, but funds are running low

  4. I thought it was released in 2012 anyway, so this is only good news.

  5. My mate is over the moon about this. He doesn’t like having more than one game on the go at a time so this fits nicely in between Gears3 and Battlefield3.

  6. I was expecting a epic delay too when i saw the headline. But I think this actually makes it a better date for everyone.

  7. Only a month? Not too bad then :)

  8. I think that a game coming out from September to December has no where to move if it is trying to avoid big titles as I think there’s one every week now! I can’t wait for the game marathon of awesomeness to begin next September, even over the summer I’m excited as I get to play all the great games that I’ve missed like L.A.Noire, Portal 2 n Dirt 3. Unfortunately this game has not made me want to get it so far but I’ve been keeping an eye on it since last September.

  9. Must be a tactical sales decision… however, doesn’t Battlefield 3 release a week after? I hope RAGE does well commercially – I admire id for attempting to answer their critics with RAGE.

    If I were id, I’d be quite worried about releasing a new IP amongst the releases of popular, well established franchises.

    Ironically though, John Carmack has mentioned there are already plans for a RAGE 2 following Doom 4.

  10. Not a massive delay, i can live with that.

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