Meet the Staff: Gamoc

Surely you all know Gamoc, but you don’t know enough, do you? So, we’ve interviewed him and this is what we found. You’ll be wanting to hear all about ‘Chadders’…

[drop2]Name: Gareth Chadwick

Age: 21

Birthplace: St. Helens

Living now: Dundee

Gamerscore/Trophy Level: 10,423/To my horror, 98% of the way through level 10. SO CLOSE.

Random fact about yourself: I met my girlfriend through a mixture of TSA, Twitter and BlogTV. I now live with her. Thanks TSA!

Q: What started off your gaming journey? How did you become the gamer you are today?

A: A long time ago, so long ago that I don’t even remember how old I was, my Dad bought a console. This was pre-Playstation and I was so young that I’m not entirely sure what that console was, but I’ve since determined that it was probably an Amiga CD32. I played it a lot and enjoyed it, but gaming didn’t quite capture me until we got a Playstation on launch day. Ever since, I’ve been a crazy gaming person just like the rest of you.

Q: Aside from Gamocing and gaming, what do you do with your spare time?

A: I do a lot of writing. I’ve started somewhere in the vicinity of a shit load of novels, none of which I’ve finished. The latest one was about a man called John who had a strange power. I have a whole plan for the plotline and everything. I have written the first chapter. That was before Christmas. Other than that I often play guitar, binge on various TV programmes and films and read fantasy books. Oh, I listen to a lot of music, too. A lot.

Q: Have you had any hilariously embarrassing moments that you’d like to share?

A: I, uh, don’t actually. Apparently I’ve been lucky enough to have either had no embarrassing moments whatsoever or to have repressed them into the darkest recesses of my already dark mind.

Q: What do you do to fund your gaming, then?

A: Lately? Nothing. Try as I might, my chronic lack of experience means that I’ve been unable to find a job, which is a bit of a vicious cycle. I have managed to get into college (again) though, so come September I’ll be doing a HND in Journalism so I can make a living doing all this silly writing about games that I’m already doing. I’ve got to get through college and university first, though. I’ve previously funded myself by doing actual real work via freelance writing online. I got paid and everything, it was awesome.

Q: Gamoc – I assume that’s something to do with your name being Gareth. Do you have any other good nicknames in real life?

A: Gamoc is actually my initials. I won’t disclose my entire name, so I’ll make up some names for my middle initials: Gareth Aardvark Mandolin Octet Chadwick. I was once often called ‘Chadders’, which I despise, perhaps due to the people who called me that being a group I did not particularly like. I was also, when young, called Gaz, and I’ve been known to answer to Supreme Overlord, but only in the bedroom.

Q: Are you alone on the battlefield or joined by your family in gaming?

A: As mentioned, my Dad was the one to set me off on this path of social inadequacy, but he doesn’t game any more as he gets motion sickness from the merest hint of first person movement – and that was all he played. I have fond memories of the PC games Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. RTCW was the first game in which I spent hours in multiplayer with my dad, taking turns every time we died. This was eventually replaced by MOHAA, which I still install and play every once in a while – it’s still brilliant. I never did finish the single player campaigns in either of these games. I was in a clan at one point, though. Oh, and I was much better than my Dad was. Just sayin’.

Other than my Dad, my Stepdad still plays games to this day, he’s got a 360 and a PS3, though the PS3 is in the living room to play blu-rays too. My girlfriend plays games too and we’re trying to coax her daughters into being gamers. By the time they’re 15 they’ll be getting headshots in CoD (which I assume will be pretty much the same as it is now) like nobody’s business, but that’s a little while off as they’re only 4 and 5. I briefly had some hope for my sister joining us but she hit that age where she wastes her money on silly, useless things likeclothes and food before I managed to get her addicted.

Q: You seem to have been here forever, how did you find TSA in the first place?

A: I honestly can’t remember how exactly I found TSA. It might have been that I was looking for a PS3 news website not long after getting my PS3 and happened to come across the place. I won member of the year when I got here though, I’m just that good.

Q: What’s your favourite game ever and why is it just that good?

A: That’s a horrifically hard question, so instead I’m going to mention 6 games from 5 systems. That’s just how we roll in the shire. First up, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, for many, many wasted hours when I should have been doing homework or something remotely useful, but instead I was murdering people in WW2. Next, Front Mission 3 on the PS1 – it’s a turn based mech strategy combat game that I fell in love with when I borrowed it from a friend. Every time I see it mentioned I have to say ‘god I love that game’, even if there’s nobody around to hear me professing my love. Next is Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty on PS2. I didn’t really like the first MGS so it passed me by (I think I was too young at the time, or distracted by Front Mission 3, perhaps), but after reading all about MGS2 I pre-ordered it and got my stepdad to pick it up for me. I heard him pull up in the car and had him pass it through the window to me before he even got out – I was through the first cutscene before he even managed to get upstairs. I loved this game so much I even bothered to get some of the unlockables, such as the stealth and bandana. MGS changes drastically when you can turn invisible. Next is a Gameboy Colour game – Pokémon Yellow. I was late to the PokéParty as I didn’t have a Gameboy when it released. I eventually got one for my birthday with Pokémon Yellow and it sparked a ridiculous obsession with Pokémon. Even now, I still play Pokémon games. I’m yet to complete Pokémon Black, but I will.

Now, the big one, the current gen game. Despite all the incredible experiences I’ve had since, I have to choose Heavenly Sword. When I bought my PS3 it came with Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man, both good games but they never really captured my imagination. Not long after, I bought Heavenly Sword pre-owned (direct boos and hisses elsewhere) and fell in love with the current gen. It was the first game to make me ‘wow’, possibly due to the pretty incredible graphics and animation, especially in the cutscenes. I first experienced Heavenly Sword in SD, and it wowed me again 3 months later when I got a HDTV. It’s just that good.

Favourite game of all time? Minecraft, no question.

Q: Finally, it’s your chance… anything you’d like to say to the readers?

A: Zombies. I still love zombies. I know everyone’s getting sick of them because they’ve become the go-to monster for gaming, but I’m still in love with them. I still play Left 4 Dead 2, I loved Dead Rising 2, I’m looking forward to Dead Island. It broke my heart when I stopped writing Zombie Thursdays because everyone got bored of zombies. If you’re gonna go look though, this is the epitome of the series.

There you have it, Gareth Aardvark Mandolin Octet Chadwick; make of him what you will. He seems to have a great taste in games, and games websites. It also seems that TSA gave him something very special. But he has given us a lot of special things too!

Find Gamoc across the internet here:

  • Twitter: Gamoc
  • PSN/XBL: Gamoc
  • Steam: Gamoc


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  3. I’m not a fan of zombies, but even I loved Zombie Thursdays!

  4. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault! I was playing a LAN match with my brother on that just the other day. Amazingly there’s still about a thousand people playing online, not bad for a game released eight years ago! Love that game, many fond memories too :)

  5. Minecraft <3

    God…. its worst than Monster Hunter when it comes to addictiveness. Love those games.

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    Good read.

    • You should give World War Z a read. It’s a fantastic book that chronicles the fictional zombie outbreak, and lays everything out in a fairly sensible and logical progression that really does make a bunch of sense as you go through it, even if Zombies are rather far fetched ;)

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