Hitman Absolution Gameplay Video

A short fan made video featuring gameplay from Hitman Absolution has been posted on YouTube and shows our favourite follically challenged felon in action.

Please note this is an unofficial trailer – the game play video has been spliced it in to the official E3 launch trailer which is why it has the PEGI 18 rating at the start.

Source: YouTube



  1. He’s Free……

  2. Looks ok. Graphics look a bit plasticy. Loving the fat cops at 1:10ish and the fact they didn’t shoot.

  3. Am I right to be a little worried…? But this is obvious very early footage and perhaps not even real so we shall see

    • Yeah, this is really. It’s E3 footage, I only know because it’s exactly how the developers and interviewers described what the demo was like at E3. I think (hope) this is pre-alpha gameplay, which would explain the poor graphics. If not…. this won’t sell well.

      • Agreed, graphics look a little off. Hitman always had extremely polished graphics, i’m sure this will deliver at the highest quality.

  4. I’ll keep an eye on it, just because its Hitman and I have loved the past games. That said, this looks very different to the normal formula and, dare I say it, it looks like a generic shooter at the moment

  5. I’m liking the new gameplay and i think they’re debuting their new game engine with Hitman absolution so i’m sure it will look great when completed.

  6. I just hope Agent 47 has some weight to him this time around, the feel of the movement always bugged me the most in the Hitman games.

    • Cracked me up that you could pretty much riverdance in front of a a mirror in the original :D a-fiddley-diddley-diddley-dee

  7. For me, they don’t need to change anyghing in terms of gameplay, just bring its current gen debuts’ graphics & physics up-to-date. The original formula is spot on the money.

  8. Looks ok. Hopefully it will get plenty of polish and spruce before release. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

  9. Im sure this game will get better and look great come release date in 2012. Nothing is gonna stop me from buying this game

  10. Not feeling it….

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