Trinigy Release New Real-Time Vita Tech Demo

Many will confess that when the Vita (originally codenamed the NGP) debuted last year, they were a little sceptical that its graphical performance was head and shoulders above other handheld consoles.

Thanks to recent displays including Trinigy’s previous tech demo and of course Sony Bend’s spectacular showcasing of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, doubters should now find themselves at ease.


Today Trinigy have released a second tech demo for its Vision Engine, this time abandoning the dank suburbs for a medieval town, complete with real-time lighting and water reflections.

Needless to say, it looks impressive, especially considering the console hasn’t even got a fixed release date.



  1. Is this going to be a proper game?

    • Or just what the PSVita can do?

      • Just a tech demo for a game engine (that also supports lots of other consoles).

        As I posted in the forums, this is actually the company behind an earlier tech demo featured on TSA (around the original NGP announcement) that people said was not that good, mainly due to a lack of shadows, so this shows they’ve updated it a bit since then.

      • Yeah just a tech demo, like Epic’s project sword on iDevices, which. To compare that with this Vita demo, I would say that Vita won, it looked pretty good, especially when watched in 480p.

  2. Looks good enough, Fable on Vita so… ;)

  3. Surely this is too good for a little screen; this sort of graphics and depth of 3D works rather better on a proper TV/monitor at 20″ or above?

    I’m not criticising the tech/kit, it’s just that on my old PSP that sort of detail would have been lost unless I held the display a couple of inches from my eyes…

  4. Looks good, and will look even better on the OLED screen.

  5. The developer’s announcement for this is here:

    It seems to suggest that you can pretty much just create a Vita version of any previously created PC, PS3 or 360 game made with the engine, with minimal adjustment needed, including the use of Havok physics.

  6. Looks pretty great to be honest. Really hope that the devs and publishers really support the PSVita and push it more and more as time goes on.

  7. Shit a brick day one. Evening yall ;-)

  8. Need Elder Scrolls on this baby.

  9. Looks very good,now all the vita needs is support from developers in terms of games,as someone(Smallville)stated earlier.Where’s the call of Duty and which one is it?

  10. Assassins Creed game for vita?please :)

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