MK9 DLC: Kenshi And Rain Confirmed

NetherRealm Studios has released another trailer for Mortal Kombat 9’s first DLC character, Skarlet. The 100-second video outline her origin story, a ruthless female fighter constructed by Shao Khan, used as a last reserve to watch over the treacherous sorcerer, Quan Chi. Of course, along with the narrative comes plenty of ass-kicking gameplay.


What’s more interesting occurs at the very end of the trailer. We’ve known for sometime that Kenshi would be our second downloadable kombatant, but now we confirmation that Rain will also join him, as well as a mysterious third character.

Each will become available over the summer period as paid DLC. Along with each release, NetherRealm will also release free content packs which allow players without downloadable characters to still fight against them. The studio is also throwing in free costumes tied to these compatibility updates, so keep an eye out.

Source: IGN



  1. Cool. Looking forward to seeing how they play.

    • that didnt come out right. Ya know what I mean :s

      • Well judging by the stil in the video above I’d say they play like a fleshy version of a Newtons cradle


        Bip-bop.. bip-bop.. bip-bop..

    • Don’t you think that they’ll play nicely together? Tears in the sandbox perhaps?? :P

  2. Awesome news

  3. Look forward to picking the DLC up. Would be nice if they gave some dates.

  4. Cool.

  5. I’m still waiting on the classic costumes pack! Looks good though, depending on the price I’ll be getting these.

  6. Sweet. I want a Naked Kitana costume =D

    • I was going to comment on how sad that sounds… but I just lost the motivation…

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