WeView: Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

I feel we’ve been pretty PS3 focused on WeView recently. When we kicked everything off we were very inclusive with lots of multi-platform titles, but for the last month or so it’s just been PS3 exclusives. Luckily TSA has a very strong base of PS3 users, so it wasn’t all that terrible, but now it only seems fair to be inclusive for a week.

So Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. How can you hate a game where the main character is called Monkey? He even looks like a monkey! Yes, I’m very easily amused. Moving on. To be fair, Enslaved seems pretty hard to hate regardless of a character named Monkey, so much so that Dan absolutely agonised over the game’s review.

I’ve agonised over what score to give Enslaved. I desperately want to give it a ten purely for its fantastic story, but a fantastic story does not a good game make – it needs the gameplay to back it up and that’s where Enslaved falls down in places. What we are left with is a flawed masterpiece, but one that you definitely need to play.

After what seemed like a very tough decision the game ended up with an 8. Perhaps you think it deserved to get itself the full ten out of ten, or maybe you thought we were too generous with the title in the end. Well now’s the time to let us know.

Just head over to the forums and leave us your thoughts on the game. Whilst I’m not going to discount longer reviews, please remember that the aim is for short, snappy opinions. More than that I simply don’t have the time to wade through longer reviews, so if you want to have your opinion included in the verdict post try to keep it short.

Once you’ve written your review make sure you give it a score on the Buy ItBargain Bin ItRent ItAvoid It scale. Remember, if you want your score and opinion included in Monday’s verdict post you need to have it done by Sunday afternoon, otherwise I’ll have written it and you’ll be left out in the cold.



  1. I think I actually need to get around to finishing the damn thing first – Got about halfway through it, but have not returned since.

    Not entirely sure what to put it down to either, as it is true that I have had newer titles that I have been playing, but nothings really drawn me back into it either. Hmm.

  2. oh cool will do my review later when i have more time, still need to pick up the DLC for this as i’ve heard that the Pigsy’s Perfect 10 DLC is awesome and i want to play the game through again in 3D :)

  3. Was really hoping you would do this. Heard so many good things about this game but haven’t bought it.

  4. Man I love this game, to the point where I never traded it in. It just sits there, reminding me how good gaming can be.

    • So with that in mind, do you actually regret the 8 that you gave it way back when, or does it remain to be a fair assessment of the overall package?

      (Not criticising the review of course, just wondered what you think in retrospect)

      • I don’t regret the 8 to be honest. As much as I love the game, it does have problems in certain areas.

      • That’s fair – Not like 8 is anywhere near a bad score anyway is it?

  5. As soon as it’s under a tenner I’ll get it, promise.

  6. It was all Namco’s and Sega fault, the release dates where too close to huge games and other things awesome like ROF’s latest album…. it was also the same fate for Vanquish. They where the games I was going to buy before 2011 but it never happened :/

  7. The cons to me are: Buggy cutscenes/texture loads slowly. I traded this in for Split/Second after i platinumed it and I’m loving S/S.

  8. In a nut shell……shite.

  9. ive played it up to chapter 5 and i hate it, i suggested it before infamous and for the only reason that peoples opinions would lure me back to the game, hopefully it does

    if ive made a similar post to this a few hrs ago sorry, my internet has been really appauling the last few days and i have no idea if my comments are posting :/

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