Captain America Goes Cinematic In Latest Trailer

Comic fans will be spoilt for choice this summer, with Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America receiving motion picture/video game releases. Though two of the mentioned titles have failed to turn many heads at TSA, from what we’ve seen and heard of Next Level Games’ Captain America: Super Soldier, it could be an ideal purchase for both cinema-goers and gamers alike.


Keep an eye out for our full written review when the game launches next month.



  1. Please don’t suck, please don’t suck. *Sees logo in the end* Oh, Sega… what could possibly go wrong with a Sega superhero game?

  2. Both film and this look a bit meh in my opinion. Usually avoid games of movies too, unless there’s a demo or something. Spiderman 2 and the King Kong game were the best movie tie ins for me.


    (Sorry, could help but be sarcastic on this one)

  4. The movie looks good, but I have a feeling the game will be crap..

  5. Just checked out the ‘pre-alpha’ gameplay demo. The hand-to-hand combat looks very similar to Batman AA though there are a few ideas they still need to flesh out at that build stage. It’s showing some promise…

  6. these cg trailers rarely have any similarity to actual gameplay though, other than featuring the same characters.

    the production schedule of a movie tie in that has to meet the release date of the movie rarely gives even talented developers time to make a great, polished game.

    • well i seen gameplay at e3 and everything it showed in the trailer above you can do with cap except for whatever he did to the tank i don’t know about that….

  7. I so want this to be good but it probably won’t be. We can but hope.

  8. Awesome Awesome Awesome :) I hope it plays well but if it is any good it’ll appear amazing just because of the low expectations of movie tie in games.

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