Playback: Pure

A few weeks ago we saw the relase of MX Vs. ATV Alive and it came with a new concept – a lower price point but less content. If you wanted more from the game you could buy the DLC, but for less than half the price of MX Vs. ATV you could grab yourself a copy of Pure.

Created by Blackrock Studios (the team behind Split Second), Pure is a quad bike racer that straddles two genres. Races are played in real world locations but feature jumps that would leave your body smashed into pulp. The quad bikes have a multitude of simulation style options but the races are pure arcade action.

[drop]The game has three types of races; ‘Sprints’ are short and frenetic, usually based on a small track, ‘Races’ take three laps but are on longer courses with more options and ‘Freestyle’ events provide the maximum opportunity to pull off tricks.

To perform death defying stunts simply ‘pre-load’ your trick by pulling back on the thumbstick as you reach the top of a jump then push it forwards along with an action button as you launch in the air.

If you successfully complete a trick your nitro bar will increase and this can be used tactically to gain an extra boost of speed, or saved and used to create a more complicated trick which in turn gives you even more nitro.

Those of you who like tweaking your rides will find a million combinations of frames, paint jobs, engines, shocks, handle bars and more; in fact you can build a brand new ATV from scratch, customising every single item. This starts to become essential as the game progresses as you will need to create an ATV for each type of race – use a stunt ATV during a sprint race and you’ve got no chance.

There are an enormous number of tracks and some of these take a few minutes to drive round. The graphics are vibrant and whip across the screen at breakneck speed and the frame rate never stutters or falters. The audio is slightly less impressive consisting of the expected rock soundtrack and some shouts as your rider taunts the other players.

Multiplayer is a solid experience and although the lobbies are not packed you can usually find some eager racers. Online races can support up to sixteen players, any type of race and any type of ATV.

You can find Pure for around a fiver in the pre-owned section of most stores or, if you fancy splashing the cash, a brand new copy can your be yours for around £12.



  1. Sounds good, I saw it in CEX for £8 so reckon it’ll be a purchase. Does anyone else from here still play online?

    • It’s actually pretty good for an older game (apparently better than he other ATV games that have come out recently) & i haven’t finished it yet as i keep messing up one of the trophies – I still have it though & could be tempted into a few races i reckon! :)

      • I’m looking for an online partner for some of the trophies. You can always PM me when the game arrives ;)

  2. Nice write up TC – This is still in my pile of ‘must get back to’ games (which is getting embarrassingly larger day by day!).


  3. An incredibly fun game, and a lot different from your Dirts and MotorStorms. Much recommended.

  4. yet another amazing game that was sadly overlooked by a lot of people. gamers can be such assholes, sometimes!

  5. Might pick this up. It’s only £12 on shopto.

  6. Another reason to lament the passing of Blackrock
    Pure and S/S are great games.

    • Agreed – Split Second especially.

      Didn’t I read that some former Blackrock employees had started up their own company (I forget the name)? Potentially wishful thinking, but would there be any chance that they could pick up the franchise & make the sequel/conclusion that all lovers of Split Second were desperately wanting?

      • No chance. Disney are winding down their console arm and concentrating on Facebook games – meh!

      • Meh indeed! I really don’t see facebook as a viable ‘gaming’ platform (although there are many out there tending to their virtual farms that would disagree!).

        Oh well, i thought that it might be a touch on the side of wishful thinking. Bah. :(

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