Bioshock ‘Factions At War’ Video

2K and Ken Levine have released a new video for Bioshock: Infinite which fills in the story for the upcoming game.

It’s mostly Ken talking but there is a small section of gameplay which includes a rather scary baby projected on to some red drapes and a reason why you should not fire a rocket at an airship.

Source: YouTube



  1. Not sure that’s a baby…

    • My guess would be it’s Daisy Fitzroy addressing her supporters…

    • Maybe its Sophie Ellis Bextor

  2. the visuals are fantastic, like the story too, they have got really serious anger problems if they want to publically execute a postman

    • You can’t blame them. I heared he didn’t deliver their game on time!

  3. Note to self. Never fire a rocket at an airship if i want to live. Only Badasses can get away from that without a scratch.
    I am very interested in this game and i know that 2k will delieve an excellent and unique game. I wonder if there is a bit of free roaming in this. And by that, i mean explore as well let’s face it, Bioshock 1&2 were a bit linear. You basically went from point A to point B. If the world hasn’t ended by then. I will get this at release.

    • One of the Bioshock strengths is the brilliant storytelling. One of the necessities/vehicles for this is linearity. I don’t know what you are implying when you say “let’s face it, B1&2 were a bit linear” – as if that’s a negative?

      I had the same debate on another news item with someone who said the same about Arkham Asylum as if the ultimate goal for every game is to be an open, free roaming expanse where you can do as you please. It’s not.

      Some games are designed to be linear, tightly-scripted, tightly-narrated, whatever. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just not open world, sandbox or any other word you’d use to describe it. Most of the best games ever made are linear by design, it’s not a flaw.

      I don’t know much about Infinite, but having much more exploration that the little they did just would not have worked. They could have shoehorned it in, but it would probably have been to the detriment of what turned out to be a hugely successful, much loved and critically acclaimed classic that was largely linear in design.

    • I agree on linearity of Bioshock 2 (as mentioned above though, not that this was to its detriment), but could you not return to the bathysphere in Bioshock to return to other levels/sections of rapture? I seem to recall that you could. Yes, there were no sidequests (or whatever you wanna call them) to complete other than collecting the audio diaries & stuff, but as also mentioned above, the game wouldn’t really work with these gameplay elements anyway. Best left to the likes of GTA/infamous/Just Cause etc.

  4. Oooowh I cannot wait for this game to be released

  5. Looking pretty action packed. hope it has that creepy side to balance things out and even if it is more action than horror it still looks stagering

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