SEGA Hacked

The SEGA Pass, a community service that gives fans access to upcoming games, has been hacked and email addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords have been stolen. SEGA has issued a statement:

“Over the last 24 hours, we have identified that unauthorised entry was gained to our Sega Pass database. We immediately took the appropriate action to protect our consumers’ data and isolate the locations of the breach.

We have launched an investigation into the extent of the breach of our public systems. We sincerely apologise for this incident and regret any inconvenience caused.”

TheSixthAxis reminds all readers that passwords should be unique to each site and service you use.  You can change your TSA password (or email address) at any time by clicking here.

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  1. My trigger finger is getting itchier by the day.

    Just give me:

    By the way, just wanted people’s opinions on this, have the recent amount of hacks and breaches softened people’s stance on how Sony handled the situation?

    • Not at all. I know that security systems will get hacked, but in my opinion all of these companies make more than enough profit to make sure that the likelihood of a hack is extremely low.

      • Although it will make it extremely low if a hacker wants to hack something that badly then they’ll consistently try as even the best security system can be hacked. In answer to Nemesis these recent hacks havent seem to hit mainstreem news as much as the Sony hacks so not everyone knows about these. However in ny mind every company will get hacked untill every one of the twats gets caught however companies should be making thier security alot fucking better.

    • Another Pantera fan eh?


    • Was not expecting the song I thought of to be the same one you linked to! Excellent choice sir. I was listening to The Great Southern Trendkill earlier, which also a great track/album.

  2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *wakes up, read story* Oh, them again. * Goes back to sleep, snores loudly*

  3. This is getting old and predictable. Some real news please

  4. Well least it’s nothing important this time

  5. No, i will not lose it this time. Hackers,please go and stand in the corner while Phil polishes his gun. Lulzsec has promised to hack the hackers on twitter. It was retweeted by someone. I hope Anon and Lulz go to war and wipe each other out. Although i think Phil may have to be temp banned when that happens to avoid him crashing the site.:p Stop ruining the net hackers.

  6. Apart from Microsoft, who hasn’t been affected by these petty criminals?

  7. I bet Microsoft are hoping they get hacked, as if they’re the only ones that don’t, things are going to look miiiighty suspicious! Oh, and Activision *rubs chin wisely*

    • As cc said above they could have already been attacked but unless it was succesful we aint going to hear.

  8. Lulzsec tweeted for SEGA to contact them & said they’d destroy the hackers that did this because they loved the Dreamcast so much (as we all did!)

    • Ahahaha, you betcha.

      *smiles at Dreamcast collection*

  9. Not being arsey here, but wouldn’t it be better for Tsa not to publish these articles? We’re only flaming the attention seeking arses. If nobody reported it, they’d stop.

    • My thoughts exactly. Stop giving them column inches.

  10. I often wonder what the hackers get out of these various attacks of which we’ve had an influx just recently.

    It’s an interesting mindset of those who seemingly derive pleasure from the misfortune or misery of others.

    Are they just pissed off at the world? Angry with their parents? Just looking for their (intensely misguided) 15 minutes of fame?
    Whatever it is, It’s became very tiresome, because as the Sony incident rumbled on and on, even most of the gamers and industry members who had a shred of sympathy for the hackers (of which I’m most certainly not one) will have surely turned around on the issue.

    It’s become a very black mark on the industry as a whole and while I was never angry/upset/whatever at Sony for their problems, I think many people will have softened in their hatred of the company which arose during that period.

    I’m not angry, bitter or upset but I really do wonder about the world we live in sometimes. So hackers are a minority but it’s always the dirt which surfaces and as the years roll on, it seems all that a lot of people want to do is disrupt society and the lives of those that just want to get on with life and do their own thing.

    Our time on earth is limited and I wish they could think about that for a few moments. It’s time to get on with living and attaining happiness because one day they’ll blink and it’ll all be a distant memory.

    Sad times.

    • An excellent reply. I am a very open human being, I can understand a lot of different ideologies, ways of life, thoughts, a lot of different people, how they live, who they are, what they do. I have never though been able to understand how people can find enjoyment in the misery of others, the only solution I can come up with is a rather dark one, that they’re… somehow lesser developed. And it’s everywhere you look in this world, when I sit down and think about it, I get really sad, to be honest.

      As mentioned, a great comment, you’re amazing with words Ernest.

      • Ha! You used my real name!

        I had a feeling you might comment upon what I said. :)

      • Hehe, why wouldn’t I, right in my lane this… :P

    • Very well put, fella. Sad as hell really. I can barely get my head around the mindset of such people. It’s just pathetic now.

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