Valve To Appear At Gamescom

Gamescom hits Cologne this August and the list of companies attending contains the usual suspects (Sony, Microsft etc) and Valve. The Portal 2 developers were M.I.A. at E3 this year so what have they got hidden up their collective sleeves for Gamescom?

Portal 2 DLC? More Half Life? A cheese and ham sandwich? Something brand new? Who knows, but obviously they have something to shout about if they are attending.


This years Gamescom has Great Britain as a partner. Olaf Wolters, Managing Director of the German Trade Association of Interactive Entertainment Software, has said:

With its trendsetting regional economic policies, which recognise and support games as one of the supporting pillars of the cultural and creative industry, as well as its exceptionally dynamic video game development landscape, Great Britain will certainly make its mark at this year’s Gamescom.

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  1. I remember reading in a interview that Valve have several surprises planned for this year. Could be DOTA 2 though… But I’m betting on Episode 3, or possibly a L4D3 announcement.

  2. Half Life 3, Half Life 3, Half Life 3, Half Life 3, Half Life 3, Half Life 3, PLEAAAAASE?

    • Valve can’t count to 3….

    • I was going to say that if it was possible I’d put money on this game being the reason why [the Half Life series, not necessarily Half-Life 3]

  3. Since Valve can’t count to 3, I either expect it to be DLC, a spin-off or a new IP.

    • Portal 2 DLC, I’m pretty sure they talked about releasing such a thing during the summer.

      • Yeah, DLC is to be Challenge Rooms, Leaderboards, Time Trials (I think).

  4. Only available on Steam.

  5. I’m officially interested

  6. I personally hoping for the ham and cheese sandwich

    • Maybe we will get some lettuce DLC as well!

  7. Cake?

    • To be honest that valve dude thing.. would be a excellent cake. OM NOM NOM NOM

  8. I really do hope it is a Cheese and Ham sandwhich. Screw the other games.:p

    It is most likely either L4D stuff or Portal stuff. But i really do hope Half Life 2 Episode 3 or 3 is annouced. Although i think CB would annoy Halbpro untill he gives in and plays it.

  9. hopefully its HL2:e3 or L4D on PS3…
    OHHH and I almost forgot about DoTA 2 don’t know why but I’m excited for it (even though I suck at DoTA)

  10. A new line potato batteries?

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