Fire & Sword Update Brings Fixes, New Features

TaleWorlds’ recent European-themed Mount & Blade spin-off, With Fire & Sword, has been updated to version 1.141. Though it consists mostly of fixes and weapon balances (reload/equip times etc.) a few gameplay alterations have also been made. Here are some of the most significant updates:

  • Horses have been made faster and rebalanced.
  • Characters can now crouch. The default key is ‘z’.
  • New troop orders for volley firing and line formations.
  • Added new types of ranged ammunition, ex: piercing arrows.
  • Pikes have two types of thrusting attacks.
  • Reloading interrupted by being hit is now continued where it left off.
  • New grenade explosion/damage system.
  • New tactics introduced via crouching pikemen/marksmen formations.
  • Network code improved.
  • Battlefield AI enhanced and can give the new volley fire orders.
  • New Village Elder Quests.

One of the biggest complaints levelled against TaleWorlds from fans when the game originally launched was the lack of a female character option. The developer has now addressed the issue, allowing players a choice between gender, also updating Fire & Sword’s equipment gallery to include female costume variants.


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Source: TaleWorlds Official Site


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