Catch A Glimpse Of The BioShock Novel

It’s not often that people get excited about novels based on video games, but when it was announced that sci-fi/noir fiction author John Shirley was penning a prequel to the much loved BioShock, a considerable number of heads were turned. The book, titled BioShock: Rapture, follows the exploits of Andrew Ryan and how he sets about creating his underwater utopia after the effects of economic depression and World War II weaken the American resolve. If you simply can’t wait to get your hands on Shirley’s novel, a lengthy passage awaits your perusal.

Published by Titan Books, BioShock: Rapture will launch on July 19th here in the UK.


  1. This does actually interest interest. As the complete failure of Capitalism in Rapture amazed me.

    • Then I highly recommend reading Ayn Rand’s Atlus Shrugged. If you haven’t already, of course.

      • I’ll add my recommendation to Kovacs’ too. It’s been years since I read it but it was a great book, if memory serves. Actually, I think I’ll hunt it out again and have another read :)

      • Have the book wedged somewhere on my shelf as well as The Fountainhead. Will make for some good summer reading :)

    • if you get the chance watch “watched over by machines of love and grace” ties in with some of the games themes. its by adam curits and the whole things on youtube. really worth watching

    • Cheers guys for the recommendations. I’m gonna watch the video after RVB and I’ve added the book to my wishlist.

  2. Interesting, but I thought it would be released sooner. Still ordering this one when its available. And I agree with all above its recommended to read Ayn Rands novels

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