There’s Another Assassin’s Creed Novel On The Way

Books based on video games are fairly popular, and over the past few years, have become more abundant, helping the expand the fiction around some of the most unexpected gaming series. Novelizations may not seem like the perfect match for titles such as Resistance, or Uncharted, but for something as broad in scale as Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, they’ve been an ideal gateway to opening up that universe.

Planned for a December release, Forsaken will be the fifth instalment in the book series, this time centred around AC3 protagonist, Connor. Oliver Bowden will return for another year to write the novel, sales of his four previous books having hit 380,000.


It’s down at $10 RRP, though will likely be available from a variety of retailers for much cheaper.

Source: Cinemablend



  1. another one to add to the collection :)
    I remember writing about the previous ones once for the site..

  2. I enjoyed the Uncharted one. Entirely self contained and nothing to do with the games other than Drake and Sully. Worked perfectly.

  3. that reminds me, i’ve still got the AC Renaissance book to read.

    i did just finish reading the Halo Evolutions book.
    that was good, lots of short stories, the last one about Preston Cole was particularly good.

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