Assassin’s Creed III & Liberation Remastered Coming In The AC Odyssey Season Pass

“Gee whizz, I wish I could spend more time playing as Connor and not newer, more interesting characters,” said literally no-one ever, and yet here we are with Ubisoft remastering Assassin’s Creed III so it can be bundled in with the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Season Pass.

But while that’s the headline, Ubi are also bundling in a remastered version of Assassin’s Creed Liberation, which featured the kickass Aveline de Grandpré and was one of the better PlayStation Vita games. It then got ported to PS3 and 360 as a “HD” version, and now it’s being made even better for modern hardware. Both games come with higher resolution textures, a new graphics engine and support for 4K and HDR.


The remastered games will be coming out in March 2019 in the season pass, and will be available as a separate bundle.

But that’s not all the season pass offers, it’s just a bit of a sweetener, similar to Far Cry 3 in Far Cry 5’s DLC bundle. Odyssey will feature two story arcs, titled Legacy of the First Blade, which is starting in December 2018, with episodes released each 6 weeks, and The Fate of Atlantic, which will kick off in spring and follow a similar plan.

In addition to the paid pass, there will be free episodic quests called The Lost Tales of Greece, weekly in-game events, and Odyssey will follow in Origins’ footsteps with a free Discovery Tour update.

Source: press release

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  1. Never played either of those so I would like to get them, at the right price.

  2. YES! Wasn’t crazy mad about Liberation but I’m all over the AC3 Remaster.

  3. That may just make up for the fact that we’ve not had a proper AC game since Syndicate. Origins wasn’t bad, but went on too long. Odyssey looks like the same but more so.

    But throw in 2 proper AC games as well? Could be a bargain.

    I liked AC3 too. No massive map covered in too many icons. No naval battle nonsense. Just a proper game. Never understood why people didn’t like it.

    • MrYd, I know we disagree on pretty much everything (political) but I don’t harbour any ill will towards you. I don’t dislike you for your political leanings but I often find people dislike me for mine. I actually think you’re kind of a cool guy. And I think, despite our differences, we do have this one thing in common – our appreciation of the real AC experience (and gaming in general I guess). We may have our differences in life but we’ll always have Star Trek Bridge Crew.

      • That’s very kind of you to say.

        Every time any sort of political thing comes up here, I disagree with you (and some others). But all the regulars seem to manage to argue and disagree in a respectful manner. If it ever sounds like anything else, I just assume you’re all good people with a common interest and you’ve just got strong opinions I don’t necessarily agree with.

        There are good people on the left and right, and I’ve got no problems with any policital views. Although I will argue with them. And expect the same. And sometimes I’ll say bollocks to it all and just start talking nonsense. After yesterday’s political postings, I went and played Firewall and amused some Germans by pointing out that the only German I can remember from 30 years ago was “mein stachelschwein hat den bahnhof gebrochen”. Oddly enough, they all mostly tried to stick to English after that. (It’s kind of funny how they can speak English perfectly until things go wrong, at which point all they can do is speak German while firing wildly at anything that moves)

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