Activision Launching Black Ops Limited Edition

If not enough people knew about the existence of Black Ops already, Activision are effectively re-launching the game in the form of a limited edition.


Bundled with the “First Strike” downloadable content pack, the latest version will launch next week in North America on the 28th for a price of $59.99.

An EU version of the limited edition has yet to be verified, though as a globally popular franchise, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we heard some form of announcement in the coming weeks.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Can’t believe they have the nerve, although i suppose we should expect things like this !
    shakes head.

    • What are you talking about? the nerve to do what? do you say that when other games bring out similar things to this? no, you say it only because its cod.

      • I would resopond with reasons, but most of them have been outlined below, and yes I do say it because it is cod, because they should be setting examples how to do business, which releasing an 8 month old game with a map pack which maps were made before the game came out, quite cheeky IMO.

        And what YEARLY franchise apart from CoD re-releases their game in different editions? (and looking at this pricing, with only a slight cut)

    • Hardly the first company to offer a version with all the DLC, not sure that previous companies to do the same were criticised.

      • not many do that a few months before the next edition is due for release though do they?

      • Yeah, this isn’t exactly all the DLC.
        Not to mention that this is the THIRD limited edition of Black Ops.

      • Other companies usually bundle all the DLC with it though.

      • @hazelem Nope, some do it much later than 8 months
        @c1990 *shrugs* you or anyone else doesn’t have to buy it, it’s just a better deal for those that do (plenty still are as its stuck inside the top 10)
        @s2106 Yep, in GotY additions, but offering more content for the same price as its available without that content & leave themselves the room for incremental sales is a good thing for both the customer & the company, surely?

      • @cc_star even though other company’s do release versions of games similar to this there not normally a yearly franchise and this is hardly a great deal for the customers. It’s quite clear that activision wern’t thinking of us when they came up with another edition of black ops.

      • No, they’d be thinking of the 100’s of thousands that are buying it every week, still.

        Only Activision could offer more but for the same price & attract all the usual anti-Acti comments on TSA

      • Anti Acti for a reason though, not just for the sake of it, if they weren’t a bad company they wouldn’t get the criticism, I love CoD, at the moment it has no true competition, I don’t like buying the game as I know where money’s going (not to the devs) I see it how I try not to buy fish which isn’t responsibly sourced and caught.

        Saying Acti are offering more for the same price is naive IMO as the value depreciates in time (i.e. from launch)

  2. That’s good. It’s been over two weeks since a new COD game was on the shelves

    • hahahaha :) i play COD but i hate it, and the DLC is so overpriced. What is the point tbh of this when Blops is in the top 20 every week anyway. one word: Greed.

  3. Kerching! must be the door bell noise at CoD HQ ….

  4. Good idea to release a version with all the DLC included, won’t stop all the hordes of naysayers though.

    • * didn’t mean all, stupid typing whilst on the phone & doing loads of other things

      • Agreed. A GOTY edition will ALL DLC would be reasonable, but for just one extra map pack? Psh.

      • I just realised its only the first DLC? Now thats a piss take.

      • @bilbo

        Why? It’s the same price as retailer are currently selling BlOps without the 5 extra maps, so its essentially people who are still to buy it (new console owners etc) get more for the same money, what’s not to like?

      • *Ahem* I bought blop’s for £18 new in gamestation, and got the Escalation map pack for £11. Somehow, I don’t think that converts into $60. Also, most places over there have probably taken their prices down to. So this is bascially a rip off for the unwary, if it had both map packs, it would be good price, but with only one map pack? No way, it’s a piss take.

      • Good for you buying it when it was there loss leader on a temp special offer. Doesn’t change the fact its 38 now & 42 in most retailers

      • It’s less than £35 in most Retailers that specialise in entertainment software.

      • Are you living in a different world to us, Cc? Most places its around the £20-25 mark now, mw2 is more expensive than it. It’s a rip off.

    • I agree its nice to see all the DLC and game in one package, I just hope it doesn’t cost of all of them put together, because that would be one spicy meatball.

  5. Woav full price, that’s really pushing it.

    • why? The original release is still full price in most places, cod holds its value, being the most popular game and all. So you get the original, plus dlc, for the same price as the original. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Wrong, I bought a copy from Tesco for £42 a week before MW3 was announced. Afterwards they dropped the price to £25.

      • There are offers from time to time, it was a just a loss-leader for a week or so, it will be tins of beans or petrol next. It soon went back up in price

  6. I’d rather a discount on the DLC.

    • same here, would happily purchase the DLC if it was £7.99 as they used to be on COD 4 and 5. £10.99 is just pushing it too far when you see KZ3 with 4 maps for £3.99, they seem to listen more to the customers tbh

      • Killzone 2 which was a lot more popular online than KZ3 had 2 maps in each of their 3 map packs, can only think their bundling 4 maps this time around to try and help KZ3 gain more traction, its not like CoD is struggling for sales or playing hours

  7. Ok, if it wasn’t full price I’d have no problem, but being only bundled with the first DLC and still being full price, that’s a pretty piss-taking move. I’m all for releasing games with all the DLC (Fallout 3 goty, Dragon Age etc) but this is just taking the piss really, as it’s more expensive than buying them both separately. They’ll make money off it, sure, but I’m not too pleased by it personally.

    • I agree – I’d have bought it if it was bundled with all the DLC (or at least most of it!).

  8. Nice idea. After trading my copy in a few months ago, I have been thinking about picking up a cheap copy at some point but wanted the dlc too (just for the zombie maps I hasten to add). Once this has dropped in price a bit, this might be just the ticket :)

  9. I think I spotted a typo: First line, 5th word: “New”. Shouldn’t it be “knew”?
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought First Strike is just the first DLC. Are they re-launching the game to include ONE map pack?

    • Yup, just the one map pack.

      As for the typo, I think you need your eyes checked mate *closes “edit” tab.

  10. I wonder if this version will come with “run’s properly” and “quieter PS3” DLC?

    Fallout:NV mention a major patch coming soon 8 months after release, it’s a shame Activision just want to rake in all they can opposed to offering more technical support for the biggest (dissappointment) media release of all time.

    And actually, I’m a massive CoD fanboy.

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