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Activision Launching Black Ops Limited Edition

If not enough people knew about the existence of Black Ops already, Activision are effectively re-launching the game in the form of a limited edition.

Bundled with the “First Strike” downloadable content pack, the latest version will launch next week in North America on the 28th for a price of $59.99.

An EU version of the limited edition has yet to be verified, though as a globally popular franchise, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we heard some form of announcement in the coming weeks.

Source: Joystiq


  1. AN excellent plan, that’s bound to give the game a much needed sales boost, Blops is only No.8 in this weeks charts.. eight months after release.

  2. Blops is still £30 on Amazon, so if you were to add a tenner to that for the DLC, it would be £40, which is roughly the same as $59.99, so the pricing isn’t bad for someone who’s buying the game for the first time.

    • It’s also not that good though. You could buy Blops preowned & pick up the DLC from the store for cheaper.

      • Yeah, but this is if you want it new, and with the DLC. If you wanted the game pre-owned, of course you could get it cheaper, so I don’t really see what you’re trying to say… O_o

      • I just meant that for what is effectively the same price you could get a ‘new’ standard copy of Blops & the one bit of DLC that is included, so it isn’t offering any saving (which special editions/GOTY’s generally do).

        Besides which, once this has come out, they will probably lower the price of the standard edition, so it all seems a bit mad to me.

        I am just a bit gutted/annoyed as if it was a GOTY type affair with more than one DLC pack included, i probably would have bought it at that price. But i just don’t see any value in this. :(

      • Ah yes, now I do see your point. It’s not exactly saving you any money, but it’s not costing you any more either. Got ya.

  3. I would get this have not got one of the DLC packs good deal.

  4. Activision has a lot of balls to do this for they know that people will pay for it. I don’t mind,in fact i love it when companies release a edition with all of the DLC of a game but this is milking it,it only comes with one map pack which is poor considering you would be best off buying it off the store. Activison need to milking COD as they risk draining it dry. If they keep this up, people will start to get fed up with COD. Surely Activison must know that MW3 will sell millions,if not billions. I won’t be suprised if they started to release a new edition every time a map pack is released.

    • 1. Im sick of cod being the same thing each year, I gave up after MW2 and didn’t even get black ops.
      2. They release a game once a year?! Release 1 good game every two years. It seems life is all about profits – im not going to disagree with profits but they make me sick. Its like when supermarkets are open on new years or something – greedy bunch.

      3. Whats with their overpriced DLC. It’s just a few maps?!

      They think they can get away with this stuff?! I was once a huge fan of COD, I played COD1 for about 3-4 years on PC and cod4 for about 2 years. I think the success of COD4:MW got to their heads.
      They’ve lost my respect.

      • 1. It’s the same every year in the same respect that all FPS are the same anyway
        2. All top franchises are on the yearly release schedule unless your names EA in which case it can be more often in the case of stuff like NfS or FIFA & on average they’ll probably be more than one Battlefield a game from here on out with the Bad Company spin-off going alternate years with the main title and then further minor spin-offs like 1943 etc, Activision may be greedy as you put it, but some other publishers need a whole new word inventing
        3. What over priced DLC? It costs about double Killzone’s DLC, but has 2.5 x the volume of maps in it (not the latest one, but practically all of them before it) and is probably played a whole lot more making it even better value.

      • 1.i find that cod doesn’t change or gain as many new features compered to other yearly games and this is just my opinion but i think cod’s don’t feel as fresh as other yearly franchises.

        2.i really hate all yearly games and how there only yearly to maximize the publishers profits when they could have a longer gap between releases and make a far better game, altough in my opinion this is even more true for activision as they seem to spend most of the year make overpriced map packs and spending hundreds of millions maketing there next one

  5. I was considering getting this to play zombies with my friends after exams. Saw this and thought woah amazing timing, looked at the price….WTH?! So activision are still greedy b”£$%$£*& it seems. They really have got cocky over the years.

    • Good look finding a copy of CoD + the DLC for less

      Also, remember this is only the official price, wait till UK retailers get their hands off it, the price will invariably be lower than RRP

      • Refer you to £18 new and DLC for another £11, CC :)

      • £38 now yd :(

      • in about 60 seconds I found it £18.99 new, CC use Google shopping pal its a good price comparison engine and google don’t charge retailers to have thier products listed OR clicked on, so it’s all good.

  6. Itll make them money so why not. I wont buy it but millions will. They are a business after all……

  7. Don’t be so hard on Activision, those court cases don’t pay for themselves .. ;)

  8. surely add both DLC? and the price is way too high :/

    • How about all 3 of the DLC’s then I might get it again, miss zombies and MW2 has got stale for me with all the playing :(

  9. Keep milking it! I think MW3 will be the last great COD game, Treyarch suck balls, F*CK Treyarch with their over listening to communities.

    • So you prefer the IW method of not listening to the community at all then?

      • Oh dear, Scotty you’ve just reminded me, IW set up a twitter before mw2 came out, asking what people would like to see in the game, I don’t think any were acted on, this might put me off mw3, although altleast IW can make good enough netcode.

    • I agree with the ‘Treyarch suck balls’ comment ;) Ive never lasted long with their games.

  10. really think they should have saved this edition for when all the DLC is available on each console. Would have been more wothwhile to the consumer, not that it bothers me. I havent bought any of the DLC and am still hooked on MW2, not to say that I dont dip into Blops now and then for a change.

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