Fallout: New Vegas Gets Old World Blues Expansion

We’ve just had word from Bethesda that the next batch of DLC for Fallout: New Vegas is coming next month.

The expansion, dubbed Old World Blues, will hit PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Tuesday July 19th – there’s no prices yet but expect it to go for around about the same price as the last pack.


There’s also going to be a new title update for the game before the DLC hits, bringing “performance and stability” fixes in major areas.



  1. I was just looking at buying this on the internet but was put off by all the reports of major bugs. I enjoyed 3 and would like to give this a go, but I’ll be waiting for the performance and stability patch. Any idea on a timeframe for the patch?

    • Speaking as someone who picked up New Vegas the day after its first major patch, I put about 30 hours into the game and only encountered a couple of bugs in that time, and these were just random NPCs glitching around their environments. Don’t be put off, its a really good game and well worth the 9quid most places are asking for it now :)

    • Steady on there, it’s only been out 8 months… the sort of time you’d need to sort the bugs in Fallout NV, and you’re in Duke Nukem Forever dev territory! Seriously though, while the bugs are frustrating, regular saving of your game is a reasonable workaround (helped by the fact the game autosaves every time you enter a building/new area, so there’s always a fairly recent save file available). The story in NV is every bit as strong as 3, so if you could live with the issues Fallout 3 had then I’d say go for it.

    • Go for it mate. I’ve put in many many hours and only received minor bugs.

    • 9 quid? I payed 20… in March

  2. Got this on PS3, yet to put it into my drive, but I’m tempted to pick it up on PC as I know I’ll hammer it like the welsh hammer sheep then…

    • I also recommend Fallout:NV (and I’ve completed both DLC areas as well as the main game – though I’ve only done one ending so far). However, towards the end of the main game the crashes seemed to get more frequent – maybe it’s partly to do with the amount of data in the game saves which are now at 12MB…!

      The storytelling is (on the whole) excellent and an improvement on Fallout 3, and some of the characters you really want to care for. If you can get F:NV cheap then it’s a great game.

  3. Im about 17 hours into fallout new vegas and ive had to crashes or major glitches yet, really enjoyable game but its bloody hard! Considering im new to fallout im awful at it

    • You should play it on hardcore mode, then your character also needs foor and water to survive, and ammo has weight. Enjoy! :D

      I must say, even though I liked NV very much and it did have the original Fallout feel to it, I like Fallout 3 better. It just has more epic quests and area’s overall seem to be bigger.

      I do like the weapons enhancement and ammo features and will be picking up all of the dlc, one way or the other.

      • food and water offcourse excuse

      • wow that sounds really cool, once ive completed it ill see what its like, i struggle with weight as it is as im scared to throw stuff away :L

  4. Never felt these games…..

  5. Loved all the Fallouts including the first 2 on PC. I really wish there was a way to patch Fallout 3 with the hardcore mode and weapon mods from Vegas though… Personally I won’t be buying any of the DLC as it’s released – think I’ll just hang on for the GOTY edition and put that inside my collectors edition box :)

  6. Enjoyed Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas and Fallout has to be my one of my favourite gaming series.
    Played Dead Money and that was a dissapointment to me but missed out Honest Hearts because it didn’t intrest me. However Old World Blues does!
    Also my first comment on TheSixthAxis after reading this site for about a year! Finally made a log in! :D

    • Same Fallout is one of my favorites. yeah the dlc… I can’t just get the time or money. If it did anything interesting like adding new fresh content then I would consider.

      Welcome to TSA!

      • Welcome to TSA dude! Good to have you :)

  7. I loved Fallout 3, but NV just bored the crap out of me. And my copy was glitchy as hell. I traded it in. I found it to be a huge disappointment.

  8. In contrast, I love FNV but i am not too keen on Fallout 3.

    Hardly experienced any bugs in FNV whereas fallout 3 i just experienced bug after bug after bug and some were even game breaking so i just eventually gave up trying to play it.

    Fallout NV i have experienced more crashes though, but that really isn’t a problem due to the frequent autosaving it does.

  9. Cant wait to pick this up when i have some free time. My mate loved fallout 3 and i thought id try it when i saw the GOTY edition £10 last summer. Now i cant wait to get stuck into this, althought might wait for the GOTY edition when it is more stable. For me fallout 3 was good enough that when it froze, and it always did, i still wanted to go back for more.

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