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inFamous Devs Hiring For PS3 Exclusive

Job advertisements often give early hints as to what’s coming next, and this latest one – picked up by Gamerzines – shows that Sucker Punch, the guys behind inFamous and its sequel, are working on another PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Sanzaru Games are working on the next Sly game, so we’re safe assuming it’s not that, whether or not the guys are planning a third inFamous game we don’t know.

The job’s for a full time Senior Producer, requesting that the applicant “be technical enough to speak with the programmers, artistic enough to do the same with the artists, and have enough experience shipping games to make great decisions on many axes.”

The post on the Sucker Punch website suggests that the game will be the studio’s next “big thing”, and there’s a few others on there including Art Director, Lead Sound Designer and Senior Game Designer.


  1. Cool, I like Sucker Punch, and I like PS3 exclusives. Brilliant :)

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