Ghost of Tsushima celebrates major milestone on second anniversary

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Ghost of Tsushima has sold close to 10 million copies since the game first launched two years ago, Sucker Punch Productions has confirmed. The PlayStation-exclusive open world epic is now a must-have essential for anyone with a PS4 or PS5.

In a celebration post, Sucker Punch shared some interesting player stats. For example, more than 75 million foxes have been petted with over 90 million online Legends missions having been played.

Ghost of Tsushima has turned out to be a major hit for PlayStation, adding to its growing stable of prestige AAA titles. Leading up to the game’s release date there were concerns that its homage to samurai cinema would be too niche or that it would ape other open world games too closely. Spurred on by the lockdown-induced gaming fever many of us fell victim to in the summer of 2020, Ghost of Tsushima would crush expectations to become on the PS4’s must-have exclusives. Having since launched on PS5 alongside the Iki Island DLC, and after debuting its superb multiplayer expansion, it’s become an all-time great and a perfect title to help headline Sony’s revamped PlayStation Plus service.

In other Sucker Punch news, the studio has shot down rumours that it is currently working on a new inFamous or Sly Raccoon game. PlayStation pundits have constantly hinted at these fan favourite franchises making a return in the near future, but that isn’t the case.

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