New Super Stardust Delta Video

To be honest, with all the videos that were dumped on us during E3, we’re not totally sure this is unseen footage. But, we haven’t seen it before so we think it might be new to you too!

As you can see, the core gameplay seems very similar to the excellent PSN game and the visuals are just as engaging too. Don’t worry about the lack of a pumping background track, we assume that’s just because they haven’t finalised soundtrack yet.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks just as good if not better than PSN version. Awesome.

  2. Loved this game on PS3. Well definately be getting this on the Vita when its out!

    Is it gonna be downloadable or boxed?

    • The question is technically downloadable or both.
      I’m going with downloadable.

    • According to the European PlayStation blog, all games will be downloadable; some will also be released in a physical format.

      “Here’s how it works: every game will be available to download from PlayStation Store. Certain games, particularly larger scale games such as Uncharted, will also be available to buy on memory cards in high street game stores.” – Answer to comment 17

  3. wow, this looks crazy good

  4. I got the PSN version, but have never got the hang of it. Is it supposed to be quite hard, or am I just really bad at it?

    • You’re crap. Sorry.

    • Haha, its quite easy to get used but not the PSP version….

  5. Oooo nice :-)

  6. Looks delicious!

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