Dungeon Hunter: Alliance No.1 In US PSN Charts

Gameloft has recently announced that its PSN-exclusive action RPG, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance has topped download charts in the United States.

We reviewed the game when it launched back in April, not only praising Alliance for its online connectivity, but impressive PlayStation Move integration too. Gameloft senior vice-president, Julien Fournials, said the following:


We wanted to offer an action RPG that delivers a phenomenal gaming experience in solo and multiplayer modes at a very affordable price. We know that we’ve reached our goal when our game is ranked number one.

This proves that players recognize the value of the games we have to offer.

For a company which has mostly been associated with the mobile platform, this surprising sales news is sure to encourage Gameloft’s support of Sony’s home console.

Source: Press Release



  1. It’s a great game and it deserves the sales :)

  2. I can see myself enjoying this with the right folk. Great news to see it doing so well on the PSN.

  3. I enjoyed my playthrough thoroughly!

  4. Was playing it yesterday and wondering why there was nothing but Americans to co op with and to boot they was loving playing it with all the whoops while we took down the bosses

  5. i’d like to see them port over some more of their Ios games, backstab for example looks outstanding, but i just can’t play action games with the virtual stick/dpad the touchscreen games use.

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