Black Ops Map Pack 4 On Its Way?

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Treyarch design director David Vonderharr hinted that a fourth batch of downloadable content for Call of Duty: Black Ops may well be in the pipeline:

I can’t talk to anything beyond ‘Annihilation’, but keep your eyes peeled.

Three “Map Packs” have already been launched since the game’s November 2010 release; the latest, titled “Annihilation,” launched earlier today on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The content will be made available to both PS3 and PC players in a month’s time.


Treyarch’s previous addition to the Call of Duty series, World at War, received three DLC updates, Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 only receiving two. With the number of map packs sold worldwide across all three major gaming platforms, there’s little reason for Treyarch to stop pouring resources into extending the Black Ops experience.



  1. cod4 only had one map pack didn’t it?

    • Read the “Winter Crash” map as its own Map Pack. Yes, there was only one actual batch of content for the original MW ;)

  2. Shouldn’t they be focusing on mw3, rather then milking black ops?

    • The guys who developed Black Ops are a different team from those who are working on MW3. I also hear that Activision already have Raven Software already booked to work on MW3 map packs before the game even approaches its launch date.

  3. i would like to see them add in some more perks an other stuff besides just maps…

  4. Good news, this’ll hopefully mean MW3 will have 4 map packs too, something which I’ll need once I’ve played the game to death!

  5. they should be doing new gun packs ;)

  6. great,another overly priced map pack,cant they just spend their resources on something else instead.why do they do this every time,they make a very short game with a o.k multiplayer and just keep bringing out expensive dlc for it.i think they need to start thinking about the gamers and less about their wallets.

    • At the moment, they’re thinking about both the gamers and their wallets. :P

    • Because they’re backing their biggest asset, other studios do other stuff.

      What better way to think of gamers than to enhance something they already own, of course they’re going to make money out of it too as any business would.

      Over-priced is just a matter of perspective, I bet no one spent more money on consumer research than Acti and they found the price they charge to be at the upper end of acceptable. People who play the game alot, which is many millions of people could find the DLC good value Vs spending £40/$60 on a new game they’ll only play for a week or so before returning to BlOps anyway

      • you have a good point,but i keep asking myself:would the dlc be this expensive if COD games were not as popular as they are,good example of an fps game that is not as popular but still has dlc at way lower pricing would be killzone 3.

  7. Good stuff

  8. This is of course good news for those that have Blops (i was gonna write “for those that have BO” but i even made myself choke when i re-read it!) & are still enjoying the mp, but it makes the decision of the re-release of Blops with just the one map pack even more baffling.

    Or it does to me anyway. :S

  9. So when they bring this one out it will be more expensive to buy the DLC than the game on launch day.

  10. Why do they make maps so bloody big? CoD is known for it’s fast paced action! Not “players that like to take their time”. If you like to take your time, you might want to check out BFBC2.

    Imagine a 6v6 TDM on Silo? Like a 6v6 on Hotel! 9 out of 10 times, the timer runs out. It takes half a day to run across the map to look for campers, and the fact that players don’t have unlimited sprint (minus marathon pro) makes the pace borderline snooze fest.

    Bought the last Maps, but I’m not getting these.

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