DC Universe Online Launches Microtransaction Site

DC Universe Online has launched a microtransaction marketplace, despite already charging a monthly subscription. Currently the only items on there are Proto Repair-Bots, which provide players with the ability to repair on the go, and Vault Tickets.

We do wonder if this is the start of DCUO going free to play; ditching the monthly fee in favour of microtransactions.

Source: Massively



  1. Ooh cool. I might actually get it if this turns out to be true.

  2. Hopefully, I’ve cancelled my subscription now but it would be nice to dip in and out of it when I like.

  3. they said it was going to have a sub fee and microtransactions before launch.
    so i would love to see it go free to play supported by an in game store, but i don’t know if this is evidence for any plan to go that way.

    • True, but things have moved on lately with a whole host of games going F2P. Could DCUO keep up with a subs AND microtransaction model?

      • i didn’t think of that, the only mmo that seems to be doing well with a sub and microtransaction model is really WOW.
        at least that i can think of.

        like i said, i hope they adopt the F2p model, it is a damn fun game, but the endgame content just wasn’t there for me.

        and even with my altitis, look it up in the urban dictionary, i still managed to hit the max level in a couple of weeks.

        when you hit 30 the difficulty of the missions spikes.
        and you have to keep grinding these missions dozens of times to get any decent gear, and there are like two or three tiers of gear to get.

        i like a grind as much as the next person, but not like that.

        i wouldn’t mind something like the guild wars model, where you buy the game and any expansions, and the game is free to play after that.

        and it would be nice if they added some non batman related content a little more often.

  4. I’ll be honest. I haven’t touched DCUO since my initial 60 days. However, this has nothing to do with the game itself; I just find that if I have a lot of other games to play, forking out £10 for a 30-day pass feels a bit silly. I’m planning on subscribing in August, though I think DCUO could really do with a new price model.

  5. *slap in the face*

  6. I’d love this to go free to play, £10 a month has put me off hugely… I’ve also been spending that on 2010 games such as AC2, Mod Nation, enslaved and splatterhouse … All £10 each brand new:/)

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